How to Change Your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Password

Change your password regularly to thwart hackers

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There are plenty of reasons to change your AIM Mail or AOL Mail password. You may suspect that your account has been hacked. You may want to change your password to something stronger and more difficult to deduce, or you may just want your AIM Mail or AOL Mail password to be something you can easily remember.

Whatever your motive, don't bother looking for a Change Password link in AIM Mail and AOL Mail—you won't find one. This doesn't mean you are stuck with your current password. You just have to take a step back toward what AOL calls your "screen name." Even if you only sign up for AIM Mail, you are the proud holder of an AOL screen name.

Change Your AIM Mail or AOL Mail Password

To alter the password of your AIM Mail or AOL Mail account:

  1. Log in to AOL using your username or email and your current password.

  2. Confirm that the Manage Your Account category is open.

  3. Select (Change Password) under Password.

  4. Enter a new password under both New Password and Confirm PasswordChoose a password that is both difficult to guess and easy to remember.

  5. Select Save.

Tips for Choosing and Using a New Password

Long passwords are harder to crack than short passwords, but they are also harder to remember. Here are a few tips:

  • Use a brief complete sentence you can remember, leaving out the spaces between words.
  • Use the first letter of each word of a longer sentence.
  • Use two or more numbers or special characters. You can add them at the beginning or end of your sentence or phrase, or in the middle if you can remember their placement.
  • Keep it relatively simple. If you have to write down your password, you lose a lot of your security.
  • Change your password regularly—every three or six months.

Even if you use strong passwords and change them periodically, they don't protect you from keyloggers on your computer or people who peek over your shoulder as you type in your password. Run antivirus software regularly, and be aware of your surroundings when accessing your mail in public settings.