How to Change Time on Your Fitbit

The procedure is the same for all models of the device

What to Know

  • Change the time zone in the Fitbit app by going to Options > Advanced Settings > Time Zone.
  • Change the time by changing the time on the device that you sync it to and then perform a sync via the Fitbit app.

This article explains how to change the time on all Fitbit smartwatch and fitness tracker models, including Versa, Alta, Charge, Ionic, Inspire, and Ace.

How the Clock Works on Fitbit Trackers

Whether you're using a basic Fitbit tracker such as a Fitbit One or Fitbit Zip or have invested in a more high-end smartwatch like the Fitbit Ionic and Fitbit Alta, the time on your device is managed the same way—by syncing it with your smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Whatever time and date it is on the device with which you sync your Fitbit, that time copies over to your tracker.

Fitbit Clocks and Daylight Savings Time

Daylight savings time is notorious for causing havoc with Fitbit trackers as it forces them to record fitness activity for the same hour twice when the period begins and ends. There really is no way around this annoyance, and most Fitbit users accept this quirk as part of the Fitbit experience even though it can mess up their stats slightly.

If you rely on your Fitbit tracker as a clock, you can get it to update to daylight savings time simply by syncing it to your smartphone or computer as usual. All smartphones, tablets, and computers now automatically change their time for daylight savings by default.

Changing Time Zones on a Fitbit Tracker

Fitbit Windows 10 app

Like the daylight savings problem mentioned above, shifting to a different time may lead to data anomalies—depending on the time zone you move to, it could force your tracking data to record over the previous day or skip an entire day altogether.

If you're only planning to be in a different time zone for a short period of time, you can manually force your Fitbit to stay in its original time zone by turning off the time zone auto-update in the Fitbit app settings.

Within the Fitbit app on your mobile device, select Options > Advanced Settings > Time Zone. By default, it automatically changes time zones whenever your device is relocated to a different region. Press the Auto slider to lock the current time zone. From now on, no matter where you go, your Fitbit will remain within the same time zone.

How to Change the Time on a Fitbit Device

All Fitbit trackers are programmed to match the time on the device they sync to such as your tablet, computer, or smartphone. To change the time on your Fitbit tracker, all you need to do is change the time on the device that you sync it to and then perform a sync as per usual via the Fitbit app.

If the date and time break because the Fitbit's battery goes flat, just re-sync it to its host device.

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