Google Chrome Themes: How to Change Them

Personalize your Chrome browser with a new theme

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Google Chrome themes modify the look and feel of your browser, altering the appearance of everything from your scrollbar to the background color of your tabs. The browser provides a simple interface you can use to locate and install new themes.

These instructions work with all modern desktop versions of Google Chrome, irrespective of which operating system you use.

How to Install Themes in Chrome

Browse for themes and install them directly from the online Chrome Web Store:

  1. Visit the Chrome Web Store to browse for themes.

  2. Browse the themes until you find one you like, then click the Add to Chrome button.

    You must be using Chrome to install a theme.

    Chrome Web Store
  3. Chrome installs the theme and automatically activates it. Your prior theme is removed.

Chrome does not store themes, so when you swap one, the old one is no longer accessible and must be reloaded from the Chrome Web Store.

Changing Chrome's Color Scheme

The themes control Chrome's appearance. You cannot independently modify colors apart from a theme package.

Some operating systems override Chrome's behavior, setting specific colors for various user-interface elements. For example, Windows supports an accent color and different Linux desktop managers customize every element of a typical window.