How to Change the Sort Order of Your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox

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Have you been used to your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox sorted conveniently by date but now find all your messages in thoroughly inconvenient alphabetical order (by sender)? Or do you secretly abhor everything chronological and wish for your Hotmail to get the slightly nonsensical twist of an Inbox sorted by subject?

Fortunately, changing the sort order of a folder is easy in Hotmail. Changes you make will even be remembered. You cannot have separate sort orders for individual folders, though. Any change is automatically applied to all your Windows Live Hotmail folders.

Change the Sort Order of Your Windows Live Hotmail Inbox

To sort your Windows Live Hotmail:‚Äč

  • Click Arrange by __ header in the View bar right above your message list.
    • The header shows a list with a two-headed arrow; it is the rightmost item in the bar.
  • Select the desired sort criterion from the list.
    • Date - Sort messages by date
    • From - Sort messages alphabetically by sender
    • Subject - Sort messages alphabetically by subject line
    • Conversation - Sort messages by date, but group emails by thread (older messages in a current conversation will show up grouped with the most recent message)
  • To reverse the sort order, click Arrange by ___ followed by the criterion again.

Sorting Does Not Work in MSN Hotmail?

If sorting mailboxes in MSN Hotmail does not work for you, it may be due to the size of your account. A bit contrary to usefulness, Hotmail accounts holding more than 5,000 messages have sorting disabled.