Change the Default Font Face and Color in Gmail

Make Your Emails Unique with Your Own Set of Custom Font Options

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Gmail lets you customize the font as well as its size and color, each time you send an email. However, if you find yourself changing the font with each reply, forward or new email, it surely gets annoying and time-consuming.

Instead, consider changing the default font options. You can make changes to the default settings so that each time you send a message, your custom options are preconfigured into the message and you don't have to keep changing the font to get it how you want it to be.

Remember that even though you can change the default font options that you'll start with each time you send an email, you can still adapt the font to whatever you want before you send a message. Just use the menu bar at the bottom of the email to change the settings again, like the font size, etc.

How to Change Gmail's Default Font Settings

  1. Open your General Settings through the Settings button (the gear icon), the Settings option and then the General tab.
  2. Scroll down until you see the Default text style: area.
  3. Click the Font, Size and Text Color options to change those default font settings.
    1. Sans-serif font faces such as Sans Serif, Verdana, Trebuchet, and Tahoma make good general fonts for emails.
    2. Small and Huge are not usually good default choices for email composition font sizes.
    3. For the text color, do not stray from black, dark gray or maybe a heavy blue without good reason and much thought.
  1. Click the Remove Formatting button on the far right side of that menu if you want to start over or quit using custom font options.
  2. Scroll to the bottom of the Settings window to click Save Changes.
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