Change the Date and Time Zone on Your Windows Laptop

Don't let a time zone change make you late to a meeting

Changing the date and time on your laptop is an easy process for most mobile workers, and it's an important step to take while traveling. Knowing the correct date and time are for your location prevents you from missing or running late to meetings.

What follows are instructions to change the date and time in Windows 10, the latest operating system from Microsoft.

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Locate Date and Time Preferences

Adjust date/time menu item for Windows 10

Right-click on the clock in the bottom right of your display.

Locate the option to Adjust Date/Time in the menu that appears. Left-click on that heading to open a new window.

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View the Date & Time Settings in Windows

Set time automatically toggle for Windows 10 in Date & time panel

The Date & Time tab in the new window shows the current time and date for your laptop. It also indicates the current time zone set on the laptop. Toggle Set time automatically to ON with a click.

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Change the Date & Time Settings Manually

Change date and time manually button

If you want to change the settings on your own, simply turn off the Automatic settings, then click Change under the Change Date and time section. A new window will open, allowing you to change the date and time with drop-down menus.

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Change the Time Zone on Your Laptop

Time zone drop-down menu in Windows 10 Date & time panel

If you're not going to let your laptop handle the Time Zone automatically (with the toggle ON), you can click the Time Zone drop down menu to make changes . Make sure the Set Time Zone automatically toggle is set to OFF.

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