How to Change the Playlist Picture on Spotify on iPhone

Use a unique image to set your playlist apart

What to Know

  • Open a playlist and tap the menu icon (three horizontal dots) > Edit > Change Image.
  • Choose Take Photo to take a new photo or tap Choose from Library to add an image from your device. When finished, tap Choose > Save.
  • Alternatively, tap and drag the Three Lines icon next to songs in the playlist to change the album collage.

The instructions below use Spotify’s iOS app to change a Spotify playlist cover, but the same basic steps apply to Spotify’s desktop and Android apps.

How Do You Change the Playlist Cover on Spotify on iPhone?

By default, Spotify will create a collage of album art based on the first four albums that appear in any playlist you create. However, you can manually change the picture for any of your playlists anytime you want

Spotify gives you two options for changing playlist pictures. You can either rearrange the top four songs in your playlist to get a different album collage or upload a cover photo from your iPhone’s camera roll.

When you change a playlist picture on the Spotify iOS app, the change will take effect at the account level. You will see the new image on any device you use to access Spotify and won’t need to make the change on your desktop.

Here’s how to change a Spotify playlist picture on iOS:

The process for changing playlist pictures is similar across Spotify’s mobile apps. That said, if you want specific instructions, check out this guide on how to change your playlist picture on Android.

  1. Open the Spotify app on your iPhone and navigate to a playlist you created.

  2. Tap the Three-Dot icon (...) underneath the playlist title (directly to the left of the big green Play button). 

  3. Tap Edit.

    Editing playlist picture on Spotify iOS app.
  4. To change the album collage order, tap and drag the Three Lines icon next to a song to rearrange it.

    Spotify will build a collage based on the first four albums in the playlist. If multiple songs at the top of the list are from the same album, Spotify will pull from as many songs as required to populate four different albums for the collage. 

  5. To replace the cover art with a custom photo, tap Change Image. You can either take a new photo with your iPhone’s camera or upload a saved photo. 

  6. If you select Choose from Library, tap the photo you’d like to upload.

    Selecting new playlist image source in Spotify iOS app.
  7. You’ll be prompted to crop your photo into a square frame. When finished, tap Choose in the bottom-right corner. 

  8. Tap Save in the top-right corner to confirm selection. 

    Saving new playlist cover photo on Spotify iOS app.

How Do I Change My Spotify Picture on iPhone?

Since you know how to change playlist covers, you may be wondering how to change your profile picture on Spotify. Here’s how to do it from your iOS device:

The instructions below apply to all mobile and tablet versions of Spotify, including Android.

  1. Open the Spotify app, navigate to the Home menu, and tap Settings (gear icon).

  2. Tap View Profile.

  3. Tap Edit Profile.

    Editing Spotify profile on iOS.
  4. Tap Change Photo. Select a photo from your library or take a new photo.

  5. Crop the photo and tap Choose when finished.

  6. Tap Save.

    Saving new profile picture on Spotify iOS app.
  • How do I change the playlist picture on the Spotify desktop app?

    Click or hover over a playlist image > select Choose photo > find the image on your computer > Save. You can use this same process to change the playlist picture on the Spotify web player.

  • How do I change playlist pictures on Spotify for Android?

    Select a playlist and tap the three vertical dots below the playlist name near the top of the screen. Then choose Edit playlist > Change image > Choose photo > select a new picture > and tap Save.

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