How to Change Spotify Playlist Picture on iPad

Use an image to set your playlist apart

What to Know

  • Select a playlist, tap Menu, (three horizontal dots), and then tap Edit > Change Image.
  • Tap Choose From Library to use an image on your iPad or Take Photo to take a new photo.
  • After you’ve selected an image to use, tap Use > Save.

This article explains how to change a Spotify playlist picture on your iPad, including troubleshooting tips if you can't change your playlist picture.

How Do I Change My Playlist Picture on Spotify Mobile?

You can change any of your playlist pictures directly through the Spotify app on your iPad, and you can use any image stored on your device or even take a new photo and use that instead.

After you change a playlist picture in the Spotify app on your iPad, it’s automatically changed on all of your devices. There’s no need to go through and change it again on your iPhone, computer, or any other device.

Here’s how to change a playlist picture on Spotify Mobile using the iPad app:

  1. Open Spotify and tap Your Library.

    Your Library highlighted in the Spotify app on iPad.
  2. Tap one of your playlists.

    A playlist highlighted in the Spotify library.
  3. Tap Menu (three horizontal dots).

    The menu icon (three horizontal dots) highlighted in the iPad Spotify app.
  4. Tap Edit.

    Edit highlighted in Spotify playlist options on iPad.
  5. Tap Change Image.

    Change Image highlighted in playlist management in the iPad Spotify app.
  6. Tap Choose from library.

    Choose from library highlighted in the Spotify playlist image settings.

    Tap Take photo if you want to use a new photo taken using your iPad’s camera.

  7. Tap a photo in your library.

    An image highlighted in image selection in the Spotify app.
  8. Tap Use.

    Use highlighted in Spotify playlist picture settings.
  9. Tap Save.

    Save highlighted in Spotify playlist image settings.
  10. Your playlist now uses the custom cover photo.

    A Spotify playlist with a custom picture on an iPad.

Why Does Spotify Not Let Me Change My Playlist Picture?

If you see an error message when you try to change your playlist picture, like “you cannot save changes to a playlist, try again,” there are a number of potential issues you could be dealing with.

Here are some fixes to try if you aren’t able to change your Spotify playlist cover picture on mobile:

  1. Make sure you own the playlist. Did you create the playlist yourself? If you didn’t, you won’t be able to edit the cover photo. Try creating a brand new playlist using some or all of the same songs, and then set a custom cover image for the new playlist.

  2. Make sure the resolution of the image isn’t too low. Use an image with a resolution of at least 300x300, and try again.

  3. Try the desktop app or web player. If you are able to change Spotify playlist cover photos using the web player or the desktop app, that means there is a problem with the Spotify app on your device or a problem with the device itself.

  4. Clear the app cache. Open the Spotify app, then tap the gear icon > Storage > Clear Cache. Restart the app, and see if you’re able to change playlist cover images.

  5. Try a clean reinstall. There may be a cache issue preventing you from updating your playlists. Uninstall Spotify from your device, and reinstall it, then check to see if you are able to change playlist cover photos.

  • How do I change the Spotify playlist picture on iPhone?

    Open the Spotify app on your iPhone and tap the playlist whose picture you want to change. Tap More (three dots) > Edit > Change Image. Choose whether you want to use a picture from your Photos app or take a picture with the iPhone camera. If you tapped Choose from Library, select the image you want, crop it, and then tap Choose > Save.

  • How do I change the Spotify playlist picture on Android?

    To change the Spotify playlist picture on Android, open the playlist and tap More (three dots) > Edit > Change Image. Tap Choose Photo or Take Photo. When you have a photo ready, tap Use Photo > Save.

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