How to Change PowerPoint Slide Orientation

Change orientation first so elements don't drop off the slide

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PowerPoint lays out the slides in landscape orientation by default, meaning the slides are wider than they are tall. However, there are times when you may prefer your slides to show in a portrait orientation with the slides taller than they are wide. This is a relatively easy change to make, and there are several ways to do this, depending on which version of PowerPoint you use.

Instructions in this article apply to PowerPoint 2019, 2016, 2013; PowerPoint for Mac, and PowerPoint for Office 365.

Change Slide Orientation in PowerPoint for Office 365, 2019, 2016, and 2013

  1. Open the PowerPoint presentation you want to change or open a new PowerPoint slideshow.

    Make the change in a slide's orientation before you lay it out. You won't have to reorganize the work you've already done to keep elements from dropping off the screen.

  2. Go to Design.

  3. In the Customize group, select Slide Size to display a list of options.

    Slide Size in PowerPoint
  4. Choose Custom Slide Size. The Slide Size dialog box opens.

  5. In the Slides section, choose Portrait.

    Slide Size dialog box in PowerPoint
  6. Select OK.

  7. Choose Maximize to scale the slides to the full size or choose Ensure Fit to make sure that the content fits on the page.

Change Slide Orientation in PowerPoint 2010

  1. Go to Design.

  2. In the Page Setup group, select Slide Orientation.

  3. Choose Portrait.

Change Slide Orientation in PowerPoint for Mac

  1. Go to Design.

  2. Select Slide Size.

  3. Select Page Setup. The Page Setup dialog box opens.

  4. In the Slides section, choose the orientation you want to use.

  5. Select OK.