How to Change Siri to a Man's Voice

Siri's voice has become almost synonymous to the iPad and iPhone, but it's not the only voice Siri is capable of producing. In fact, you can turn Siri into a man if you'd prefer a more masculine voice. Apple added the ability for Siri to use a male voice with the iOS 7 update.

The fun part is that most people will no doubt continue using the default voice, and many won't even realize there's an option to change the voice's gender. So you can surprise your friend with a very male-sounding iPad.

Here's how to change Siri to a male voice:

  • First, you will need to go into the iPad's settings. This is the icon with the gears turning.  (Find out how to get into Settings...)
  • Next, locate the General settings in the left-side menu. This is near the top right under the block with Notification Center, Control Center and Do Not Disturb. Tap the General setting to bring up the settings page.
  • In the general settings, locate Siri. Again , this is near the top, right under the block with About and Software Update. Tapping Siri will bring up Siri's settings. 
  • Now that we are in Siri's settings, tap the option for Voice Gender. In this new menu, you can choose whether Siri's voice is Male or Female.
  • Other changes you can make to Siri: This section will also allow you to change the language Siri speaks or how much feedback Siri gives with her voice. If you'd prefer most of the information to simply arrive on the screen, you can set Siri to Handsfree Only in the Voice Feedback settings.