How to Change the Region on an iPhone

Moved to a new country? Update your iPhone

What To Know

  • Settings > [name] > Media & Purchases > View Account > Country/Region > Change Country or Region
  • Select your new region, tap Agree, and enter a new payment method.
  • Before changing, download all apps and media, complete or cancel subscriptions, and spend your Apple ID balance.

The instructions in this article cover everything you need to know to change the region on your iPhone.

iPhone with Account Settings visibile

How to Change the Region on iPhone

Ready to change the region on your iPhone? Just follow these steps:

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Tap [your name] at the top of the screen.

  3. Tap Media & Purchases.

    An iPhone user accesses their media and purchases within the Settings app
  4. Tap View Account.

  5. If asked to sign into your Apple ID, do so.

  6. Tap Country/Region.

    An iPhone user views their account settings. 'Country/Region' is highlighted.

    If you still have any subscriptions, memberships, or other things which prevent you from changing your region, you'll see an error message at this stage. You can check your subscriptions in your Apple ID. Address those items and follow these steps again.

  7. Tap Change Country or Region.

  8. Chose your new location.

  9. Tap Agree on the Terms & Conditions.

  10. Choose your payment method in your new country/region, enter the billing details, and tap Next.

What Happens if You Change the Region on Your iPhone?

If you're moving to a new country or region, you need to update your iPhone to match your new location. Doing so is easy, but the implications are more complex.

The region your iPhone is set to should match the region/country where you live. That's because the region determines what features, content, and services are available. For instance, not all apps or movies are available in all countries, and different laws in each country mean that some features of the iPhone—such as iMessage, Find My, or FaceTime—are not available. (Apple maintains a useful country-by-country list.)

When you change the region on your iPhone, you are indicating where you live and thus what set of laws and agreements govern your iPhone, and what services should be available to you. If you've moved from one region to another, may lose access to content available in your previous country (though you may gain new kinds, too).

What to Do Before Changing Your iPhone Region

Before you change the region on your iPhone, do the following things:

  • Cancel subscriptions, including iTunes Match. You may be able to re-subscribe in your new location.
  • Spend money you have stored in your Apple ID, You'll need to do this because balances don't carry over across countries/regions.
  • Cancel memberships, pre-orders for media, Season Passes, or other content purchases or let them expire. You may be able to re-purchase them in your new region.
  • Download any apps or media (music, movies, TV, etc) you want to make sure you'll have. Since some things available in your current region/country may not be available in your new one, downloading ensures you'll them have.
  • Have a valid form of payment located in your new region/country.
  • You tried changing regions on your iPhone but it's not working. Why?

    You need to spend all of your store credit, cancel all of your subscriptions, and enter a new payment method for the country you're switching to before you can change regions. If you're trying to switch and you're getting error messages, double-check to make sure none of these things are interfering. That includes any outstanding refunds, pre-orders, movie rentals, or season passes. You also might have issues changing regions if you're part of a Family Sharing group.

  • Is it illegal to change the region of your iPhone?

    While you're not breaking any laws by using another country's region on your iPhone, doing so can violate Apple's Terms of Service. You can switch regions and browse another country's App Store, but you cannot make purchases without a valid address and payment method from that country.

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