Change Your PlayStation Network Name

Switch up your PlayStation Network login email, password, or ID on your PS4

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Miguel Sanz / Getty Images

One of the most commonly requested PlayStation Network (PSN) features arrived in early 2019, enabling users to finally be able to change their PSN display name. It's taken a long time to enable this option, but if you're over the name you chose or just want to switch things up, here's how to change your PlayStation Network name, associated email address, and password.

If you're unable to change your PSN name, it's likely because the feature hasn't fully released yet. It was initially tested for members of the PlayStation Preview Program.

How to Change Your PlayStation Network Online ID

As of right now, the only way to change your PSN Online ID is through your console and not from a PC or mobile device.

  1. Turn on your PlayStation 4 and press Up on the directional pad to reach the icons at the top of the home screen.

  2. Find and select Settings. It's almost all the way to the right and looks like a toolbox

  3. Go to Account Management > Account Information > Profile > Online ID.

  4. You'll see an option to enter your new Online ID. It will also display how long you've been using your current Online ID and how much it'll cost to change to a new one.

    During the beta testing period, the first Online ID change was free, and each subsequent change was $9.99.

  5. That's it!

Sony has also said users who change their Online ID may notice some compatibility issues if they made purchases on games more than a few years old. Because of this, reverting to your old Online ID is always a free option.

How to Change PlayStation Email Address

Unlike your Online ID, which displays to other users when you play online games, your Sign-In ID is an email address associated with your PSN account.

Changing this associated email is not as big a process as your PSN Online ID and it should be updated to your most commonly used email to stay on top of information regarding your PSN account.

  1. Once you're on the home page of your PlayStation console, press Up on the directional pad, then select Settings.

  2. Go to Account Management > Account Information > Sign-In ID. You'll be prompted to enter your password.

  3. You'll then be asked to enter the email address you would like to associate with your PSN information.

    If you're changing the Sign-In ID of a sub-account, you'll also need the password of the master account.

  4. You'll then need to access your email through a computer or mobile device to confirm the Sign-In ID change. Select the link in the email to verify your new address.

  5. Once your new email has been confirmed, you'll receive an official email at both your new email address and old email address to confirm the change.

How to Change PSN Password

Changing your PSN Password follows almost the same steps as changing your Sign-In ID.

  1. From the PS4 dashboard, press Up on the directional pad, then select Settings.

  2. Go to Account Management > Account Information > Security.

  3. Follow onscreen prompts and input the required information. You may be prompted to enter your Sign-In ID and current Password.

  4. You'll then need to enter your new Password twice. Once you've changed it, you'll receive an email confirming the change.