How to Change Your Phone Name on Android

Update your device name

What to Know

  • Stock Android: Go to Settings > Bluetooth > Device Name > enter the new name > checkmark icon.
  • Samsung: Go to Settings > About Phone > Device Name > enter the new name > Save.
  • It's a good idea to set a unique name for privacy reasons; you can change the phone name multiple times.

This article teaches you how to change your phone's device name on Android and any limitations involved in the process.

How to Change Your Phone Name on Android

Changing your Android phone name is only a few steps away, providing you know where to look. Here's how to change your phone name on Android.

Most Android phones use the same terminology, but you may need to look out for terms such as Phone Name or even Device Name.

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Tap Bluetooth.

  3. Tap Device Name.

    Steps required to change device name on Android phone
  4. Enter the new name for your phone.

  5. Tap the checkmark icon.

  6. Your Android phone has now been renamed.

    Steps needed to change device name on Android phone

How to Change the Name on a Samsung Phone 

Changing your phone name on a Samsung phone is very similar, but there are some minor differences. Here's how to change your Samsung phone name. 

  1. Tap Settings.

  2. Tap About Phone.

  3. Tap Device Name.

  4. Enter the new name for your phone.

  5. Tap Save.

  6. Your Samsung phone has now been renamed.

Why Do I Need to Change My Phone Name?

It's not essential to change your phone name, but it can be helpful to do so. Below are a few reasons why changing your phone name is a smart move.

  • It improves security. Generally, your phone's presence is advertised wherever you go via Bluetooth. Your phone name is how others can identify it, so if you're letting the world know you have the latest headset, you may prefer to protect your identity.
  • It's easier to spot in a crowd. Have you misplaced your phone and trying to track it down via Bluetooth? A personalized name may make it easier to spot virtually or for others to identify whose phone it is.
  • It's easier to pair with devices. If you live in a household full of phones, it's simply easier to pair your phone with Bluetooth speakers and other devices if it has a unique name.
  • It helps you identify your phone. If you own multiple phones, it's easier to give them a specific name like Sally's phone instead of Phone 1.
  • It's fun! Your phone is your phone; why not give it a name that reflects your personality? Much like renaming a router, it's a fun nerdy way to stand out from a crowd.

Are There Any Limitations to Changing Your Phone Name?

Not really. There are no limits on how many times you rename your device so you can change it around as and when you need to. That's what makes it so simple to set up quirky in-joke names before switching over to something more responsible as and when required.

Avoid using offensive names as it can and will be considered rude in public scenarios, but otherwise, let your imagination run wild. Be sure it's something you'll remember though the next time you want to pair your Android phone with another device. 

  • How do I change my caller ID name on Android?

    How you change your caller ID name depends on your phone carrier. You might need to call customer service, or you may be able to do it online.

  • How do I change my Google name on my Android?

    To change the name on your Google account on Android, go to Settings > Google > Manage your Google Account > Personal info. Tap your name to change it, then tap Save.

  • How do I rename my iPhone?

    Go to Settings > General > About > Name. Tap X next to your name, then enter a new name. You can also change your iPhone name via iTunes.

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