How to Change Paper Size in Word 2007

Paper Size Standards

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 The default page setup in Microsoft Word is for letter-sized paper, but you may want to print on legal-size paper or even tabloid-size paper. You can change the paper size settings in Word 2007 easily and you can also specify a custom paper size.
Changing the document paper size in Word 2007 is easy, but the options for paper size aren't where you'd expect.

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Opening the Page Setup Dialog Box in Word

Screenshot of opening Word's Page Setup dialog box from the Page Layout ribbon

You will use Word's Page Setup dialog box to change the paper size. To open it, first, open the Page Layout ribbon.

Next, click the box in the lower right corner of the Page Setup section. When the Page Setup dialog box appears, open the Paper tab.

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Selecting a Paper Size

Screenshot of selecting a Paper Size in Word 2007's Page Setup Dialog Box

After you have the Page Setup dialog box open in Word, you can select your paper size.

Use the drop-down box in the Paper size section to select a standard paper size. If you want to specify custom paper dimensions, select Custom from the list.

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Setting the Dimensions for a Custom Paper Size

Screenshot of how to customize Paper Size in Word 2007: Specifying Height and Width Dimensions

If you selected Custom as your paper size, you need to specify the dimensions of the paper you will use to print your Word document.

Specifying paper dimensions is easy. Use the arrows beside the width and height boxes to increase or decrease the respective dimension, or click in the boxes and type a number.

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Select the Print Tray

Screenshot of selecting a Paper Source for a custom paper size in Page Setup in Word

You probably fill your printer's main paper tray with letter-sized paper. So, you may want to use a different paper tray when you change paper sizes. Use the Paper Source boxes to specify which printer trays you want to use. You can set a paper source for the first page that differs from the paper source for the rest of your document.

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Apply Paper Size Change to All or Part of a Document

Screenshot of setting the paper size for a portion of a Word document

When you change the paper size, you don't need to apply the change to your entire document. You can opt to set the paper size for only a portion of the document. Use the drop-down box next to ​Apply to in the bottom left of the Page Setup dialog box to select the portion of the document to which the new paper size applies. When you're done, click OK.