How to Change the Name of Your Fire Stick

Renaming is helpful if you have more than one Fire Stick

What to Know

  • Find your Fire TV Stick name from Settings > My Fire TV > About > Device Name.
  • Log in to your Amazon account and go to Manage Your Content and Devices > Devices > choose Edit next to your Fire Stick > Save.
  • You can deregister a Fire Stick to gift it or assign it to a different Amazon account.

This article explains how to change the name of an Amazon Fire TV Stick. Manage your Fire TV device names and registration from your Amazon account.

How to Change the Name of Your Fire Stick

Rename your Fire TV Stick by accessing the devices associated with your Amazon account.

Instructions and screenshots below describe the process for changing this setting in a web browser. The process is similar in the Amazon mobile app.

  1. Log in to your Amazon account and select Account from the drop-down menu next to Account & Lists.

    Your Account highlighted from the Amazon account drop-down menu in a web browser.
  2. Click Your devices and content.

    The Your devices and content option from the Amazon Your Account page.
  3. Select Manage devices.

    The Manage devices option from the device management section in an Amazon account.
  4. Select the Fire TV Stick to rename under Amazon devices > Fire TV.

    Registered Fire TV devices displayed from an account holder's Amazon Devices page.

    If you have multiple Fire TV Sticks and you’re not sure which is which, look up each device’s name from the Fire TV menu. Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Device Name.

  5. Click Edit beside your device on the Device Summary page.

    The Edit option highlighted from the Fire TV Stick Device Summary screen in an account holder's Amazon account.
  6. Rename the Fire TV Stick in the edit box and select Save when you’re finished.

    The Save button highlighted in the edit dialog box for registered devices to an Amazon account.

    If you choose an already assigned name, the Edit Device Information dialog box will let you know you need to choose a new nickname.

Can I Give My Old Fire Stick to Someone Else?

If you have multiple Fire Sticks and you’d like to give an older model to a friend or family member, you can remove yourself as the owner by deregistering the device.

There are two main methods to achieve this.

  • From your Amazon account: Go to Account > Your devices and content > Manage devices. Select your Fire TV and click the Deregister button.
  • Within the Fire TV interface: Visit Settings > Account > About > Deregister.

Once you deregister the Fire Stick, you’ll lose all viewing history associated with the device. However, any purchased apps will still be accessible from your Amazon account and available on other registered devices.

Before you give away the device, make sure to factory reset your Fire Stick as well.

  • Go to Settings > My Fire TV > Reset to Factory Defaults > Reset.
  • Or, use the Back+Right remote control combination and select Reset to wipe the device.

Now your Fire Stick is ready for a new owner.

Can You Change Who a Fire Stick is Registered To?

Like other Amazon devices, you can change a Fire Stick’s owner by changing the Amazon device account registration.

After removing your registration and factory resetting the device, the new owner can follow the on-screen steps to set up the device and link it to a different Amazon account.

If you’d like to keep the device in the household and register it to another family member, go to Settings > My Account > About > Deregister from the Fire TV menu. Then log in with the new account holder’s Amazon information.

How Do I Change Settings on Fire Stick?

You can personalize your Fire Stick experience from the Settings area of the Fire TV menu. 

Access Fire TV settings by selecting the Settings (gear) icon in the menu bar or press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote.

Here are a few helpful settings to review:

  • Privacy Settings: Go to Preferences > Privacy Settings to manage device data usage, app data usage, and ads.
  • Screensaver: Customize your screensaver image and settings from Display & Sounds > Screensaver.
  • Autoplay: From Preferences > Featured Content, decide whether to allow video and audio to play automatically in the Featured Rotator above the Fire TV menu.
  • Notifications: Turn notifications on or off from Applications > Appstore > Notifications. You can also manage notification settings from Preferences > Notifications.

How Do I Change My Amazon Profile Name?

Amazon allows up to six viewer profiles for an individual account on a Fire Stick. To change the way your Amazon profile name appears, edit the profile from the Fire TV menu.

Select the profile avatar > click the pencil icon under the profile to change > edit your name > and choose Next > Save to update the display name.

The Edit Profile screen on an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

To change your Amazon account name, log in and go to Account > Login & Security and select Edit beside your name.

  • How do I change the name of a Fire Stick on a phone?

    Download the Amazon mobile app for iOS or get the Android app and sign in to your account. Tap the profile icon at the bottom, and then tap Your Account > Manage Content and Devices. In the Amazon Devices section, tap Fire TV, and then tap your Fire Stick device. Tap the blue edit link, delete the existing name, type in the new name, and then tap Save.

  • How do I change the name of my Fire Stick from the Fire Stick?

    You can't change the name of your Fire Stick directly on the Fire Stick itself; you'll need to go to your account via the Amazon mobile app or You can, however, find your Fire Stick's current name: Open the Fire TV Stick app and go to Settings > My Fire TV > Fire TV Stick. You'll see your current name under Device Name.

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