How to Change an Apple Watch Name on Your iPhone

Quickly rename your Apple Watch

What to Know

  • Apple Watch, like all Apple products, is automatically assigned a friendly name, usually including your own name and the name of the product.
  • You can change the Apple Watch friendly name to whatever you want it to be by going to the Apple Watch app > My Watch > General > About > Name.
  • Your Watch will automatically update with the new name.

This article details how to change the display name on your Apple Watch to make it easier to recognize when you're searching for your devices.

How to Rename Your Apple Watch

Instead of just having your device labeled with a string of letters and numbers that don't really make sense, Apple products, including the Apple Watch, are automatically named using your name and the name of the product. And that's great if there's only one person in your family with your name or if you only have one of each product. But if those two conditions don't apply, then what? Here's how to change your Apple Watch's name to whatever works in your world, using your iPhone.

  1. Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone.

  2. Select My Watch at the bottom of the app, on the left if the app doesn't automatically open to that tab.

  3. Then scroll down and choose General.

    Screenshots showing how to get to the General option in the Apple Watch app.
  4. Tap About.

  5. Tap Name.

  6. Then type the name you want to use into the textbox provided. When you're finished, tap done on the keyboard. Then you can back out of the Apple Watch app and the new name you created will automatically sync with your watch.

    Screenshots showing where and how to change the name of an Apple Watch using the Apple Watch app on iPhone.

Once you've updated your Apple Watch name, you can change it again at any time. So, if you add multiple Apple Watches, or you share your account with someone else, you'll always know whose Watch belongs to whom.

Why Rename Your Apple Watch?

There maybe a number of reasons you want to change your the name of your Apple Watch. Whether it's because you're looking for an easier way to identify your device when you're trying to connect it to a network or other devices or just because you think it's way more fun to name your inanimate objects after characters from your favorite movie, Apple's boring naming system just might not work for you.

Renaming your Apple Watch can help you display your own personality, but it can also make it easier to find your device if that's something you do often or if there are multiple Apple Watches connected to your network.

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