Change the "From:" Field - Hotmail Email Tutorial

Are you Managing Director Mrs. Rosemary ("Roadster") Plackensteiner to some people but Aunt Rosie to others (your niece)? You'll be happy to hear that the name which appears in the From: line of email you send from your Windows Live Hotmail account can be changed.

Okay, these people will think "Managing Director" or "Aunt Rosie" if they see your name automatically. But maybe you have entered a wrong name when you singed up for your Windows Live Hotmail account (I guess that can happen), or you want to hide your name if not your identity for a prank. Maybe your name has changed.

Change the Name in the From Line of Mail You Send from Windows Live Hotmail

Either way, to alter your From: name in Windows Live Hotmail:

  • Select Options | More Options... (or just Options if you use Windows Live Hotmail classic) from the Windows Live Hotmail toolbar.
  • Follow the View and edit your personal information link under Manager your account.
  • Click Edit your registered information under Common tasks.
  • Type the desired name under First name: and Last name:.
    • You can include a nickname in the First name: field by using single quotation marks like in "Rosemary 'Roadster' Plackensteiner".
  • Click Save.
  • Follow the Sign out link in the top right corner.
  • Log back into Windows Live Hotmail.