How to Change Your Modem Password

Using its IP address and account information

This article will walk you through how to change your Wi-Fi network’s name and password and how to update your modem’s admin username and password if possible.

How Do I Change My Wi-Fi Modem Password and Name?

Changing your Wi-Fi network’s name and password isn’t done by logging into your internet service provider’s website or app. Instead, you can update this information at any time by accessing your modem or modem/router hybrid device directly by using a specific IP address and login information.

  1. Locate your modem's IP address and login information. This is usually written on the bottom of the device itself, included within its manual, or even stuck on the packaging it came in (often a sticker).

  2. Open your preferred internet browser and enter your modem’s IP address into the address bar as if it were a website URL.

    A modem IP address login page in Google Chrome web browser with the IP address highlighted
  3. Enter your modem’s username and password and click Log In. (Your modem’s admin username and password are different than your Wi-Fi name and password.)

    Modem IP address login web page with "Log in" highlighted

    If you’ve lost your modem username and password, your internet service provider should be able to give it to you. You may also be able to find your modem username and password on the following pages:

    Because this kind of information is public, it's one of the reasons users should change the modem login information.

  4. Click Network.

    Modem admin settings with Network tab highlighted

    Depending on your service provider, the section with your modem Wi-Fi settings could also be called something like Internet, Wireless, or Wi-Fi.

  5. Click Wireless (5GHz) or a menu item that sounds similar to something associated with Wi-Fi or wireless internet.

    Modem admin info with Wireless 5G highlighted
  6. If you want to, you can enter a new custom name for your Wi-Fi network by entering one in the field next to SSID Name.

    Modem Wi-Fi network name settings with SSID Name highlighted
  7. The WPA Key is your current Wi-Fi password. To make a new password, simply delete the current one and write your new password.

    Modem Wi-Fi password settings with WPA Key highlighted

    Make sure to make a strong password.

  8. Click Save at the bottom of the page to apply the changes.

    Modem admin settings Save button highlighted

How Do I Change My Modem Name and Password?

You can change both the name and password for the Wi-Fi internet connection created by your modem by following the steps above. If you want to change your modem's login username, however, it may be more complicated depending on how the modem’s manufacturer or your service provider created these settings.

While updating the modem and Wi-Fi network’s names and passwords, you may also want to improve the encryption level.  

Going through the same process for changing the Wi-Fi name and password, you may be able to find the options for changing your modem admin name and password in a section called Maintenance, Settings, Account, or Admin.

Modem admin new password settings with Maintenance tab highlighted

It’s not uncommon to only have the ability to change one or the other.

Some internet service providers may let you change your modem username and password by logging into your main account on their website or by contacting their customer support service over the phone.

How Do I Change My Wi-Fi Password With My Phone?

You can change your Wi-Fi password with your phone by following the above steps and simply using a web browser on your iPhone or Android smartphone. The entire process is entirely the same though you may need to rotate your phone and pinch-and-zoom with your fingers to view the admin panel if your modem’s manufacturer hasn’t optimized the web page for smaller screens.

After changing your Wi-Fi password, you’ll need to reconnect to the Wi-Fi network on your smartphone, computer, video game console, and even your smart TV.

The easiest way to do this is to delete the previous network connection’s login information and reconnect to it as a new connection with the new password and username combination.

Don’t forget to update your Wi-Fi settings on smaller devices such as the Aria smart scale or a Nintendo Switch.

Do I Need to Change My Modem Password?

It’s an excellent idea to change your modem password and username. The manufacturer almost definitely reuses the default settings, and tech-savvy individuals and hackers know that. Changing a modem’s password and the associated Wi-Fi network password can also help you if you suspect some of your neighbors are using your internet connection.

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