How to Change an Email Message to High-Priority in Windows 10

Let your recipient know your message is time sensitive

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No doubt, some of the emails you write in Mail for Windows 10 or Outlook Mail for Windows 10 are high-priority or time-sensitive messages. You need a prompt response from the recipient. There is a way to let the recipient know: You assign a message priority to the email you compose. For messages that aren't important or that don't require immediate action, you can assign a low priority.

Set a Message's Priority in Mail for Windows 10 

Many email clients display high priority emails differently from the rest of the emails that arrive. To set the priority of a message you compose in Mail for Windows 10 or Outlook Mail for Windows 10:

  1. Open a new email.
  2. Select the Options tab.
  3. Click the exclamation point on the Options bar to show the recipient that the email is important or time-sensitive. If it is not important, click the down arrow next to the exclamation mark to mark it as low priority and indicate to your recipient that it doesn't require immediate attention. 

The next time your recipient opens the email inbox, the message you sent is there with a high-priority, low-priority, or no priority indicator attached to it. Even if your recipient's email client doesn't treat emails marked high priority differently from other incoming emails, the exclamation mark clearly flags it as important.