How to Change a Mac Mouse Battery

One version of the mouse takes batteries, but the other is rechargeable

What to Know

  • Press the oblong black tab on the bottom of the mouse > remove the battery cover > replace the batteries.
  • If your Magic Mouse has a Lightning port, connect a Lightning cable to charge it.
  • If you have a Magic Trackpad, unscrew the cap with a coin and slide the batteries out.

This article explains how to change the batteries in a Magic Mouse, including instructions for charging a Magic Mouse 2 and how to replace the batteries in a Magic Trackpad.

How to Replace the Batteries in a Magic Mouse

If your Magic Mouse has an oblong black tab on the bottom side, you can replace the batteries. It takes two AA batteries, and you can use either disposable or rechargeable batteries. It doesn’t take any special tools, so just make sure you have some fresh batteries ready before you start.

Since it can go through batteries pretty fast, it’s usually a good idea to use rechargeable batteries in your Magic Mouse. We recommend having two sets so you can swap between them.

Here’s how to replace the batteries in a first generation Magic Mouse:

  1. Flip your Magic Mouse over, and gently pull or push the oblong black tab toward the back of the mouse. When the battery cover pops up, lift it off and set it aside.

    The oblong black release tab highlighted on a Magic Mouse.
  2. Remove the batteries.

    Batteries ready to remove in a Magic Mouse 2.

    It’s slightly easier to pry the batteries out from the negative side, toward the back of the mouse, because the positive ends are inset into the front of the mouse.

  3. Place new batteries in one at a time.

    Inserting batteries into a Magic Mouse.

    It’s easiest to insert the negative side first, push back on the spring loaded contact, and then push down on the positive end.

  4. Slide the tab on the cover into the front end of the battery compartment, and push down on the back to snap it in place.

    A Magic Mouse battery cover ready to push down into place.

    This should take very little force. If sliding the cover into place or pushing it down takes any force, stop pushing and check to make sure the batteries are inserted all the way and the cover is positioned correctly.

How to Charge a Magic Mouse

The second generation Magic Mouse has a built-in battery, so you need to charge it instead of swapping in new batteries. It has a Lightning port on the bottom, and you can charge it via your Mac or any compatible charger.

Here’s how to charge a Magic Mouse:

  1. Locate a Lightning cable. One end needs to have a Lightning connector, but the other end can be either Lightning, USB-C, or USB-A.

    A Magic Mouse and Lightning cable.
  2. Plug the other end of the Lightning cable into your Mac or a compatible charger.

    A Lightning to USB-C cable plugged into a Macbook.
  3. Turn your Magic Mouse over, and locate the Lightning port on the bottom.

    The Lightning port highlighted on a Magic Mouse.
  4. Plug your Lightning cable into the Lightning port, and your mouse will start charging.

    A Lightning cable plugged into a Magic Mouse.

    Inconvenient, sure, but a 5-minute charge will last you all day. A full charge takes over 2 hours. Your Mac can show you the amount of charge on the Magic Mouse.

How to Replace the Batteries in a Magic Trackpad

The Magic Trackpad is a wireless touchpad device that you can use with your Mac instead of a mouse, and the first generation of the hardware features replaceable batteries.

The Magic Trackpad 2 can be charged using the same method used for the second-generation Magic Mouse. If your trackpad is flat and wedge-shaped, it's a Magic Trackpad 2.

Here’s how to change the batteries in a Magic Trackpad:

  1. Insert a coin into the indentation on the tubular battery compartment, and turn counterclockwise.

    A coin inserted into the slot on a Magic Trackpad.
  2. Use your fingers to continue turning the cap counterclockwise until you can remove it.

    The cap removed from a Magic Trackpad.
  3. Remove the batteries by tilting the Magic Trackpad and allowing them to slide out.

    Removing batteries from a Magic Trackpad.
  4. Insert new batteries positive end first.

    Inserting new batteries into a Magic Trackpad.
  5. Use your fingers to screw the cap back in by turning it clockwise.

    Screwing in the cap on a Magic Trackpad by hand.
  6. Insert a coin into the slot, and turn clockwise until the cap feels snug.

    Tightening a Magic Trackpad battery cap with a coin.

How Do I Tell if My Magic Mouse Is Charging?

The second-generation Magic Mouse doesn’t provide any outward sign that it’s charging. To check if the mouse is charging, open the control center on the Mac the mouse is connected to, click Bluetooth, and check the charge status of the mouse. You can then plug it in and try to charge it for a while, then check again.

If the number is higher the second time you check, the mouse is charging. If it isn’t, try a different cable or plug the cable into a different charging port or charging device.

Can You Replace the Batteries in a Magic Mouse?

The first generation Magic Mouse has replaceable batteries, but the second generation version of the hardware has a built-in battery that needs to be recharged instead of replaced.

The way to tell which you have is to flip the mouse over, hold it so the Apple logo is right side up, and look toward the bottom of the underside of the mouse. If it has an oblong black tab, it’s a first-generation Magic Mouse. If it has a Lightning port, it’s a second-generation Magic Mouse.

  • How do I right-click on a Mac mouse?

    To right-click on a Mac mouse, hold the Control key while you click the mouse or the trackpad on your MacBook. You can also set up a secondary (right) click. Go to System Preferences > Mouse > Point & Click and select the Secondary click checkbox. Select the down arrow and choose which side of the Magic Mouse to use for the secondary (right) click.

  • How do I connect a Magic Mouse to a Mac?

    Connect one end of a Lightning-to-USB cable to your Magic Mouse and plug the other end into your Mac. It will automatically connect using Bluetooth; you'll receive a notification that you can remove the cable and use the Magic Mouse wirelessly.

  • How do I connect a Logitech mouse to a Mac?

    You can pair a Logitech mouse to your Mac with a USB receiver. Plug the receiver into a USB port on your Mac and press the mouse's Connect button. You'll see a cursor on your Mac screen when the mouse connects. Or, use Bluetooth: Put the mouse in pairing mode and select it from your Bluetooth devices list.

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