How to Change Language on Hulu

You'll usually start with the gear icon to change language, but there are ways to switch just for one show or movie

What to Know

  • In the Hulu app: Click the Gear icon > English, then select the audio language and subtitles language you want.
  • TV show or movie listing: Click Watch in (language) to select language, select title card for desired language.
  • Most of the videos on Hulu are only available in English, so you won’t see the option to switch languages.

This article explains how to change the language of videos on Hulu.

Most of the TV shows and movies on Hulu are only available in English. While every video on Hulu has a language menu, very few allow you to change the language.

How to Change Languages on Hulu

Hulu doesn’t have the option to set your default language on the service, but it does let you change languages while you’re watching a video. When you’re watching a TV show or movie, the video player includes a language and subtitle menu that allows you to select from the available audio options and also turn subtitles on and off.

Here’s how to change languages when watching a show or movie on Hulu:

  1. Once you've started watching a show or movie, click the gear icon.

    The gear icon highlighted in the Hulu web player.

    On some streaming devices, you need to press the down button on your remote or swipe down to access this menu. For example, you swipe down on the Apple TV Siri remote clickpad.

  2. Click English.

    English highlighted in the Hulu language menu.
  3. Click your desired audio language option and subtitles language options.

    The subtitle and audio language options highlighted on Hulu.

    Most Hulu videos are only available in English, in which case you won’t be able to switch the audio language.

  4. To adjust the subtitles, tap Settings.

    Settings highlighted in the Hulu language menu.
  5. Select the color, font, and size options you want.

    Caption options highlighted on Hulu.
  6. Click Done to finish and go back to watching your video.

    Done highlighted in the Hulu caption options menu.

How to Watch Hulu in Different Languages

While the Hulu player does have a language option, that usually isn’t the way to watch Hulu shows and movies in different languages. Most of the videos on the site are in English, but there are plenty available in Spanish and other languages.

In many cases, these non-English videos are available as separate listings from the English language listings and will be titled in the format “Title (Language)” to differentiate them. You’ll sometimes need to search specifically for these non-English videos, but Hulu will often place a link on the English language page for the show or movie to make it easier to switch.

If the video you’re interested in has a non-English version, here’s how to switch languages on Hulu:

  1. Navigate to the page for a show or movie on Hulu that has a non-English version, and click Watch in (language).

    WATCH IN HINDI highlighted on a Hulu movie page.
  2. Scroll down to find the title card for the alternate language version of the show or movie.

    An arrow pointing down to indicate you need to scroll down to find the title card for the other language on Hulu's site/app.

    Don’t just click the play button at the top of the page, as that will just play the English version of the movie.

  3. Click the title card.

    The title card highlighted for the Hindi version of a movie on Hulu.
  4. The show or movie will play in the selected language.

    A movie playing indicating it will play in Hindi on Hulu.
  • Why can't I change the language on the show I'm watching?

    If there's not an option to switch languages (that is, only English shows up as an option), it means the show is only available in English. That's the case with most shows and movies on Hulu.

  • How many people can watch Hulu at once?

    Hulu accounts start at two stream per account. By adding on, for a fee, the unlimited add-on to your account, you can stream as many shows and movies at once as your home network can handle.

  • How do you kick someone off of Hulu?

    To remove a device's ability to stream, start under Account > Remove Devices and look for the device you no longer want to have account permission to stream. If you want to completely start over, Account > Protect Your Account > Log Out of All Devices.

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