How to Change the Font Size on Kindle

It starts by opening a book and finding the touchscreen or physical Aa button

What to Know

  • Open a book, tap top of screen > Aa > Font, and use (-) and (+) buttons to adjust font size. 
  • On older Kindle devices, push physical Aa button or menu button then select Change Font Size
  • You can only change the font size when reading a book.

This article explains how to change the font size on a Kindle, including what to do if you're having trouble changing the font size.

How to Adjust Text Size on Kindle

You can change the text size on any Kindle device, and this option is always accessed through a button marked Aa. Early Kindle models that included a keyboard had a physical Aa button, which you could push to access font size options. Models without a keyboard had a physical menu button, which you could push when reading a book to access text options.

Starting with the second-generation touchscreen Kindle, text size is adjusted by accessing the reading toolbar while reading a book and tapping the Aa button.

The following instructions work for all Kindles, with specific callouts where there are different steps for specific models. You can check to see which Kindle you have if you aren't sure.

Here’s how to adjust the text size on a Kindle:

  1. Open a book, and tap the top of the screen.

    Tap the top of the screen on a Kindle

    If your Kindle doesn’t have a touchscreen, skip this step.

  2. Tap Aa.

    Aa highlighted in the Kindle reading menu

    On Kindle 1-3, push the physical Aa button. On Kindle 4, push the menu icon, then select Change Font Size.

  3. Tap Font.

    Font highlighted in Kindle text settings
  4. In the Size section, tap - to reduce font size and + to increase font size.

    The Size adjustment controls highlighted on a Kindle
  5. When you’re done, tap in the top part of the screen to return to your book.

    Tap the top part of the screen on the Kindle

Why Can’t I Change the Font Size on My Kindle?

The most common issue that prevents changing the font size on a Kindle is that you can only change the font size while reading a book. This option isn’t available on the home screen, in the library, or in the device options. In early versions of the Kindle, pushing the physical Aa button wouldn’t do anything if you didn’t have a book open. In some later versions, you could access the reading toolbar without a book open, but the Aa option would be grayed out.

The other common issue that prevents changing the font size on a Kindle is that you can only change the font size in Kindle ebooks. If you obtain an ebook from another source, you may not be able to change the font size. This issue can also crop up when you load documents like PDFs directly onto your Kindle. If you convert the PDF to Kindle format, you’ll be able to adjust the text size.

If you still can't adjust the font size even when reading books you bought from Amazon, then you may want to reset your Kindle and start fresh. If that doesn't work either, contact Amazon for additional support.

  • How do I add fonts to my Kindle?

    Connect your Kindle to your computer and drag the font files into the Fonts folder. New fonts will show up when you tap the Aa icon. Kindles only support TrueType (TTF), OpenType (OTF), and TrueType Collection (TTC) font formats.

  • How do I change the font on my Kindle Fire HD?

    In the Kindle app, tap the center of the screen and tap Aa to bring up font options. To change the default text size for your Fire HD, go to Settings > Sounds and Display > Font Size.

  • How do I change the font in the Kindle for PC app?

    In the Kindle app for PC, select Aa near the top of the app window. From here, you can change fonts and adjust the text size.

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