How to Change the IP Address on Your iPhone

Renew the DHCP lease for a new Wi-Fi address

If you're experiencing website connectivity issues or encountering conflicts with other devices on your Wi-Fi network, sometimes changing your iPhone's IP address can resolve the issue. 

How to Change the IP Address on Your iPhone by Renewing Your Lease

One way to change your iPhone's IP address is to renew its lease, done by taking the following steps.

Renewing your lease does not guarantee that you'll always be assigned a new IP address, and is heavily dependent on router and Wi-Fi network settings.

  1. Open the Settings app.

  2. Tap the Wi-Fi option.

  3. A list of available networks will appear. The one you're currently connected to will have a blue check mark.

    iPhone screens showing the Settings and Wi-Fi screens
  4. Select the Information icon to the right of your active network's name.

  5. Various data points and settings for your active Wi-Fi network will now appear. Tap the Renew Lease option, located between the IP4 ADDRESS and DNS sections.

  6. Two buttons will now be displayed on the bottom of the screen. Select the one labeled Renew Lease.

    iPhone screenshots showing the lease renewal process

How to Enter a Static IP Address on Your iPhone

You can also manually change the IP address on your iPhone, assuming that you have full control over your Wi-Fi router or have a static IP from a network administrator. Follow the instructions below to enter a static IP address, along with other pertinent information, on your iOS device.

  1. Select the Settings icon, found on your iPhone's Home Screen.

  2. When the Settings interface is displayed, tap Wi-Fi.

  3. A list of nearby networks should now be listed, with the one that you're connected to noted with a blue check mark. Tap the information icon.

    iPhone screens showing the Settings and Wi-Fi screens
  4. Tap the Configure IP option, located in the IPV4 ADDRESS section.

  5. Select Manual.

  6. A new section labeled MANUAL IP should now be displayed, where you can enter your static IP address along with its corresponding Subnet Mask and Router address.

    iPhone screenshots showing how to manually configure an IP address

How to Change Your iPhone's IP Address Through VPN

Aside from the safety and privacy benefits that using a VPN provides, you'll also be communicating with a different IP address while you're connected to one. In fact, most VPN services will assign a different IP address to your iPhone each and every time you establish a new connection.