How to Change Music Columns in Windows Media Player 12

Only show what you want to see in Windows Media Player

The columns that display in Windows Media Player 12 present music tag information about songs and albums in a clear way. However, not all of this information can be useful, depending on your particular requirements. In this tutorial, we show you how to display only the information you need to see in the columns.

Add and Remove Columns in Windows Media Player 12

Here's how to add new columns, remove columns you don't need, and rearrange columns to fit your needs:

  1. In the Windows Media player menu bar, select Organize > Layout > Choose columns.

    Windows Media Player - organize columns
  2. In the Choose columns dialog box, select the columns you want to see in Windows Media player. If a column that you do not wish to view is checked, clear the check box next to the column name to disable that column from showing. You can change which columns you want to see at any time.

    A checkbox in the Change Columns window
  3. Select Move Up or Move Down to reorder the corresponding column.

    Some columns, such as Album Art and Title, can not be removed or moved.

    The Move Up and Move Down buttons
  4. Clear the Hide Columns Automatically check box to prevent Windows Media Player from hiding columns when the program window is resized.

    The "Hide Columns Automatically" option
  5. Click OK when you finish adding and removing columns.

    The OK button

Resize and Rearrange Columns

Not only can you choose which columns to display, but you can also change the width and the order in which the columns display on the screen.

  • Resizing the width of a column in Windows Media Player is identical to resizing columns in Windows Explorer. Click and hold the right edge of a column, and then move the mouse left or right to alter its width. In the Choose columns dialog box, you can also alter the width of a selected column.
  • To rearrange columns, click and hold the center of a column's name and drag the column to its new position.

If the columns are all over the place, reset to the default display and start over. To do this, right-click any column name and then choose Restore Columns.

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