How to Change the Host in Google Meet

How to transfer hosts in Google Meet

What to Know

  • You can only change ownership of a Google Meet event in Google Calendar on your PC or Mac.
  • Select a meeting in Google Calendar and select Options > Change owner.
  • Find the person you’d like to make a host and click Change owner to confirm. The person will receive an email and ownership will change once they click the link and accept.

This article explains how to change the host of a meeting in Google Meet. Transferring ownership from one host to another can be useful if you created the meeting but can’t attend, or if another attendee will be leading the event. 

It’s currently only possible to change hosts on a PC or Mac computer. The Change owner option is unavailable on the Google Calendar apps for Android and iPhone.

How Do You Change the Host in Google Meet?

Meeting owners in Google Meet have more controls than other participants, such as blocking screen sharing or chats, or removing attendees from the meeting. Unfortunately, once a meeting has started, you can no longer change the host. This can only be done prior to the meeting using Google Calendar (the meeting must be scheduled in Google Calendar as well).

Here’s how to do it on your desktop computer:

You must have an existing Google Account to be a Google Meet host. This means you can’t change ownership to someone unless they are using a Google account.

  1. Open Google Calendar and click on the meeting from the grid. If you haven’t yet scheduled a meeting in Google Meet, choose your desired date and time and click Add guests > Save to automatically make the event a Google Meet meeting.

    Selecting a scheduled event in Google Calendar.
  2. Click Options (three vertical dots) in the top right of the event window.

    Selecting event options in Google Calendar.
  3. Click Change owner.

    Selecting Change Owner in Google Calendar event.
  4. Type the name of the person you’d like to make a host. Google should autofill the details if the person is in your contacts but you may need to manually enter their full name or email address manually.

    Finding a person to make host in Google Calendar.
  5. Click their name in the name field and then click Change owner.

    Confirming host change in Google Calendar.
  6. The meeting’s ownership will now change once the attendee accepts the transfer by clicking a link in their email.

Why Can’t I Reassign Who Is Hosting in Google Meet?

If you’re unable to change hosts in Google Meet, it's either because you're using a mobile device or your Google permissions don't allow for it.

If you’re using a personal Gmail account, you can only change hosts on desktop using Google Calendar. However, Google’s paid Workspace accounts greatly expand the Host Management tools. 

The most significant change is that you can assign up to 25 co-hosts in a meeting. This capability is available with the following Workspace editions:

  • Business Standard
  • Business Plus
  • Essentials
  • Enterprise Essentials
  • Enterprise Standard
  • Enterprise Plus
  • Any Workspace for education editions


If you have a Workspace account and would like to add co-hosts to your meeting, follow these steps on a desktop computer:

  1. During a meeting, click Meeting Safety in the bottom right.

  2. Switch on Host Management.

  3. Navigate back to the main meeting screen and click Show everyone in the bottom right.

  4. Click the People tab and locate a participant’s name.

  5. Next to their name, tap Menu (three vertical dots) > Grant host controls.

Android and iPhone

If you have a Workspace account and would like to add co-hosts to your meeting, follow these steps from your Android or iOS smartphone:

  1. During a meeting, tap Menu (three vertical dots) > Meeting safety.

  2. Switch on Host Management.

  3. Tap the meeting name in the top left of the screen.

  4. Tap the People tab and locate a participant’s name.

  5. Next to their name, tap Menu (three vertical dots) > Add as co-host.

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