How to Change Your Home Page in Internet Explorer

It's easy to reset your home page or add multiple home pages

Microsoft's Internet Explorer web browser allows you to set or change your browser's home page quickly and easily. It's also possible to create multiple home pages, known as home page tabs.

Here's a look at adding and removing home pages and how to set home page tabs.

Instructions in this article apply to Internet Explorer 11, 10, 9, and 8 on Windows operating systems. This process is similar in Microsoft Edge.

IE 11 logo

How to Set IE's Home Page

Set your home page in Internet Explorer, and change it at any time.

  1. Open Internet Explorer.

    Open Internet Explorer 11.
  2. Select Tools (gear icon) at the top right corner.

    The Gear icon for Tools is highlighted.

    Alternatively, press Alt+X.

  3. Select Internet Options.

    Selecting Internet options in IE 11.
  4. If not selected, select General.

    Internet options is displayed in IE 11.
  5. In the box under Home page, enter the URL for your new home page. Enter more than one URL to create multiple home pages that will open on separate tabs every time you launch Internet Explorer.

    Entering in a URL via the Use current option in Internet Explorer.

    Alternatively, before opening Internet Options, browse to the page you want to make your home page and select Use current.

  6. Select Use default to add or restore the default web page as the home page. It will default to and will wipe out any additions you've made previously.

    Selecting to use the default webpage for a home page in Internet Explorer.
  7. Select Use new tab to set your home page to about:NewsFeed. This will also remove any additions you may have added.

    Selecting to use the News Feed as the home page in Internet Explorer.
  8. Select OK when you've made your choices. You've set your new home page.

    Confirming home page change by selecting OK in Internet Explorer.

Removing a Home Page

If you'd like to delete a home page:

  1. Open Internet Explorer.

    Internet Explorer 11.
  2. Go to Tools > Internet Options > General.

    Internet options is displayed in IE 11.
  3. Delete the text via DEL or Backspace, then enter your desired URL.

    The home page URL's are highlighted in Internet Explorer.
  4. Alternatively, select Use default or Use new tab. Or, enter a new URL instead. Select Apply and OK to complete.

    Entering in a new URL for a home page in Internet Explorer.

To access your home page or set of home page tabs at any point, select the Home button.