How to Change the Internet Explorer 7 Home Page

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Internet Explorer 7 lets you change the default home page so that you can quickly access a website of your choice when you use the Home button.

What's more, you can even have multiple home pages, called home page tabs. Multiple home pages open in individual, separate tabs while a single home page link will, of course, open in just one tab.

If you want more than one tab to be your home page, or you want to change your home page to just one link, follow the steps described below.

These steps for editing the Internet Explorer home page is only relevant for Internet Explorer 7 users.

How to Change the Internet Explorer 7 Home Page

Open the website you want to set as your new home page, and then follow these steps:

  1. Click the arrow to the right of the Home button, located on the far right-hand side of your IE Tab Bar. The Home Page drop-down menu should now be displayed.
  2. Select the option labeled Add or Change Home Page to open the Add or Change Home Page window.
  3. The first piece of information displayed in this window is the URL of the current page.
    1. The first option, called Use this Web page as your only home page, will make the current page your new home page.
    2. The second option is labeled Add this webpage to your home page tabs, and will add the current web page to your collection of home page tabs. This option lets you have more than one homepage. In this case, when you access your home page, a separate tab will open for each page within your home page tabs.
    3. The third option, titled Use the current tab set as your homepage, is only available when you have more than one tab open at the moment. This option will create your home page tabs collection using all of the tabs that you currently have open.
  4. After choosing the option that's right for you, click the Yes button.
  5. To access your home page or set of home page tabs at any point, click on the Home button.

If you're using a newer version of Internet Explorer, such as IE 11, you can change the home page settings through the Internet Options menu in Internet Explorer's settings, via Tools > Internet Options > General > Home page.

How to Remove the Home Page in Internet Explorer 7

To remove a home page or collection of home page tabs...

  1. Click the arrow to the right of the Home button again.
  2. With the Home Page drop-down menu open, select the option labeled Remove.
  3. A sub-menu will appear displaying your home page or home page tabs. To remove a single home page, click on that particular page's name. To remove all of your home pages, select Remove All....
  4. The Delete Home Page window will open. If you want to remove the home page selected in the previous step, click on the option labeled Yes. If you no longer want to edit the home page in question, click on the option labeled No.