How to Change the Home Page in Maxthon for Windows

Maxthon settings


Maxthon Settings 

Maxthon for Windows provides the ability to modify its homepage settings, giving you full control over what gets loaded each time you open a new tab/window or click on the browser's Home button. Multiple options are provided, including rendering a URL of your choice, a blank page, or even your most recently visited sites shown in multiple tabs.

This tutorial is only intended for users running the Maxthon Cloud Browser for Windows operating systems.

Follow this tutorial to learn what these settings are and how to configure them to your liking.

1. Open your Maxthon browser.

2. Type the following text in the address bar: about:config.

3. Press Enter. Maxthon's Settings should now be displayed, as shown in the example above.

4. Click General in the left menu pane if it is not already selected.

The first section, labeled Open on startup, contains three options each accompanied by a radio button. These options are as follows.

  • New tab: When selected, Maxthon will open a blank tab each time the browser is launched.
  • Last Session: When selected, Maxthon will launch all tabs that remained open the last time the browser was shut down; either intentionally or via an application crash.
  • Homepage: Enabled by default, this option instructs Maxthon to open the designated home page on application startup.

Found directly below Open on startup is Maxthon's Homepage section, containing an edit field along with two buttons.

5. In the edit field, type a specific URL to use as your home page.

6. Once you have entered a new address, click on any blank area within the Settings page to apply the change. As you can see in the screenshot above, the Maxthon Now startup page is designated as the default home page upon installation. This can be modified or removed if you wish.

The first button in this section, labeled Use current pages, will set the active homepage value to all Web page(s) currently open in your browser.

The second, labeled Use Maxthon startup page, will assign the Maxthon Now page's URL as your home page.