Learn the Right Way to Change the Homepage in Google Chrome

Change the default page that will open with Chrome

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Google Chrome makes it easy to modify the page it opens when it first starts up or when you press the Home button.

Normally, this homepage is the New Tab page, which gives you quick access to recently visited websites and a Google search bar.

While some might find this page useful, maybe you want to specify a particular URL as your homepage, or even a group of several of your favorite websites.

This can be done in just a few steps...

How to Change Chrome's Homepage

If you want quick access to the Chrome homepage, make sure you enable the Home button in Chrome before you continue.

  1. Open Chrome's menu button from the top right of the program. It's the one with three stacked dots.
  2. Choose Settings from that drop-down menu.
  3. Scroll down to the On startup section or search for New Tab from the "Search settings" box.
  4. There are three options here, each of which are accompanied by a radio button that makes it easy to switch between them at any time:

    Open the New Tab page: Loads the New Tab page when you open Chrome or hit the Home button. It shows thumbnail previews of your most frequently visited sites.

    Continue where you left off: Restores the previous browsing session, when possible.

    Open a specific page or set of pages: Loads a user-defined page or group of pages. For example, you can make the Chrome home page(s) be your favorite website(s) so that you'll have instant access to them each time you start Chrome.
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