How to Change Google Home Voice

Don't like your assistant? Change it up!

What to Know

  • Activate Google Assistant. Select your account icon or initials. In the Google Home app, tap your profile icon.
  • Go to Settings > Assistant > Assistant Voice. Tap circles to preview the available voices.
  • Select the voice you want Google Assistant to use. Tap the home button to save and exit.

This article explains how to change the Google Home voice. Instructions in this article apply to the Google Assistant app on Android and iOS for users in the United States. The available voice options depend on the device; older ones may have fewer choices.

How to Change the Google Assistant Voice

One way to change the voice Google Assistant uses is to say hey Google, change your voice into your device. However, it's easier to pick one manually.

The following steps apply to Google Assistant and the Google Home app.

  1. Activate Google Assistant using one of these methods:

    • Say OK Google if Google Assistant is set up.
    • Launch the Google Assistant app.
    • Tap the home or Google Assistant button on the bottom of the home screen.
    Assistant button, Inbox icon on Android

    If Google Assistant fills only half the screen, either tap the Inbox icon on the lower-left side or the Explore icon on the lower-right side.

    In the Google Home app, tap the profile icon in the lower-right corner of the screen, then skip to Step 3.

  2. Go to the top of the screen and select your account icon or initials.

    If you don't see your account icon, select the Menu button (the three dots).

  3. Go to Settings > Assistant > Assistant voice. If you don't see an Assistant option, choose Preferences.

    Settings, Assistant, and Assistant voice buttons on Android

    On iOS, tap your account icon, go to the Assistant tab, then choose Assistant voice.

  4. Select the voice you want Google Assistant to use. Scroll left and right to find more options, then tap the circles to hear samples.

    Google Assistant voice options on Android

    Choosing a different Google Assistant voice doesn't change anything else with your assistant. The voice is active anywhere you use Google Assistant with your Google account—your smartphone, tablet, or Google Home.

  5. Tap the home button to leave the app when you're finished. The settings will save automatically.

Learn how to fix problems when changing the Google Assistant voice if the steps above aren't working.

Which Voices are Available?

When Google Assistant first launched, it only had a default female voice. Google added a male option in 2017, and both of these initial options are still available today.

Advances in the WaveNet technology that's behind Google Assistant's natural-sounding voice have made it easier to implement new options that sound just as good as the originals.

Several new Google Assistant voices launched in the spring of 2018 and more options such as celebrity voices might come in the future.

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