How to Change the Font Size of the Outlook Message List

Make your list of emails use a bigger or smaller font

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Using a relatively hidden setting, you can change the font size used for listing messages in Outlook. That is, the emails listed in Outlook that you sift through before opening one to read.

This change can be made for any specific folder you want, meaning that you could make the font larger or smaller for just your Inbox and Spam folder, for example, and not Drafts. However, it's not just the font size you can adjust; you can even completely alter the font type and style for that folder.

Changing the font size of the message list is not the same as changing the font size of an email. The latter is for reading emails that have too small/large of text, while the former (the steps below) are necessary if you need the list of message to be bigger or smaller.


How to Change Outlook's Email List Font Size

  1. Open the folder whose font you want to change.

  2. Open the View ribbon menu.

  3. Choose the View Settings button from the Current View section of the menu.

    If you're using Outlook 2007, go instead to View > Current View > Customize Current View..., or use the View > Arrange By > Current View > Customize Current View... menu in Outlook 2003.

  4. Select the Other Settings... button.

  5. From there, click/tap Row Font... toward the top of the window.

  6. In the Font window, choose the desired font, font style, and size.

  7. Save with an OK.

    If you want to change the font for column headings, too, use the Column Font... button to do that. This refers to the sender name that appears right above the subject line in the list of emails.

  8. Press OK on the Other Settings window when you're done making changes.

  9. Continue clicking/tapping OK to exit any other open windows and to return to your emails. 

How to Apply These Changes to Every Folder

If you want your changes to be made to more than one folder, you don't have to open each folder and follow the above steps again. Here's a much easier process you can refer to:

  1. Open the View menu from the folder you edited above.

  2. Use the Change View menu to access the Apply Current View to Other Mail Folders... option.

  3. Put a check next to each folder you want the new style to apply to.

    You can even check the Apply view to subfolders option at the bottom of the Apply View window if you want the same font size/type/style to be used in subfolders.

  4. Press OK when finished.