How to Change the Font Size in Messages

Make the Text Larger or Smaller in Messages You Write

Woman composing an email

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Do you want to compose mail in a larger font with It can make it easier to read what you are writing as you are composing your message. Or, you may be writing to a recipient who you know prefers to read larger type. But sometimes you might want to use a smaller font size for a more elegant look or to set off a block of text. Here is how to change the font size for a single message or to change your default font size for all messages you compose.

If you send a message using custom font sizes from, be sure the recipient appreciates it and is able to receive emails in HTML format. If their email system displays only plain text, the font size might not be changed.

Change the Font Size in Outgoing Messages

Here are the steps to change the font size for the entire message you are composing in

  1. Start a new message.

  2. If you don't have the formatting toolbar visible, click on the Formatting options icon below the message window. It is the letter A with a paintbrush.

  3. Click on the Font size item in the message formatting toolbar. It looks like the letter A with a little caret on its upper right side.

  4. Select the desired size from the drop-down menu that comes up. Larger numbers equals a larger size of font. The standard size is 12, so try a larger size if that is what you prefer.

How to Change the Font Size for One or More Words in an Email

You don't have to change the font size for the whole message. Simply highlight any word, letter, or paragraph and you can change the font size just for it. After highlighting it (click and drag the cursor over it or double click on a word), select the Font size (the A with the caret) from the formatting popup that appears over the word. This is also how you can make it bold, underlined, italic, highlighted, or change the font color.

Changing the Default Font Size for Outgoing Outlook.Com Messages

You can also change the default font size for new messages in Here is how to change it for all of your outgoing messages.

  1. Click the settings gear icon () in your top navigation bar.

  2. Select Options from the menu that has appeared.

  3. Under the list of options in the left side menu, look under Layout and click on Message format.

  4. In the Message format window, click in the font size box (showing a number of the current default font size, which is usually 12). 

  5. Select the desired font size from the dropdown menu that has appeared. You will see an example of it displayed.

  6. You can also change the font face, bold, italic, and font color if you wish.

  7. Click Save.

Changing the Font Size in Messages You Receive

Unfortunately, doesn't allow you to easily change the font size of messages you receive. If you need to change this option, you will need to adjust your browser settings or your computer settings. These changes will affect other websites and computer programs.