How to Change the Keyboard on a Fire Tablet

Third-party keyboards offer more options

What to Know

  • Download a keyboard, then: Settings > Device options > Keyboard & Language > Show/Hide Keyboards.
  • Under Third-Party Keyboard, enable the app, then go back to Keyboard & Language and tap Current Keyboard.
  • Choose your preferred default keyboard. Tap Current Keyboard again, then tap Keyboard Settings.

This article explains how to change the keyboard on a Fire tablet. The instructions apply to all Amazon Fire tablet models.

How Do I Change the Keyboard on My Fire Tablet?

Follow these steps to replace the stock Amazon keyboard on a Fire tablet:

  1. Go to the Amazon Appstore on your device and download a third-party keyboard app. A search for “keyboard” will return dozens of free apps.

    Some keyboard apps will install automatically after you download them, while others require you to open the app to install it. You might want to grab a few so that you can try out different ones.

    You can install Google Play on your Fire tablet to see even more app options.

    Search box, Get, and Download in Amazon Appstore
  2. Open the Settings app on your Fire tablet.

  3. Scroll down and tap Device options.

  4. Tap Keyboard & Language.

    Settings, Device options, and Keyboard & Language on an Amazon Fire tablet
  5. Tap Show/Hide Keyboards.

  6. Scroll down to the Third-Party Keyboard section and tap each of the keyboard apps you downloaded to enable them.

  7. Go back to the Keyboard & Language screen and tap Current Keyboard.

    Show/Hide Keyboards, toggle switches, and Current Keyboard in Fire tablet settings
  8. Choose your preferred default keyboard.

  9. When you return to the previous screen, tap Current Keyboard again, then tap Keyboard Settings.

  10. The settings you see will depend on which keyboard app you're using. Some will direct you to the device's default keyboard settings while others offer advanced customization options.

    Go Keyboard, Keyboard settings, and GO Keyboard settings on a Fire tablet
  11. If you want to switch between keyboards, tap a text field to bring up the keyboard, then tap the Keyboard icon in the navigation bar.

    Keyboard icon and Fancy Keys in Fire tablet dashboard

Best Fire Tablet Keyboards

Your Fire tablet has a built-in keyboard, but if you prefer a different layout and theme, try these popular keyboard apps:

If you want more emojis, download an emoji keyboard like Kika Emoji Keyboard.

Bluetooth Keyboards for Fire Tablets

If you prefer, you can get a Bluetooth keyboard for Fire tablets from Amazon. The keyboard includes a dock so you can use it as if it were a laptop. There are third-party keyboards that claim to support Fire tablets, but it's best to buy directly from Amazon.

Not all Fire tablets are compatible with Bluetooth keyboards. When shopping for keyboards, check to see which tablets the keyboard supports.

  • How do I attach a wireless keyboard to an Amazon Fire tablet?

    First, put your keyboard into pairing mode according to the manufacturer's instructions. Then, turn on Bluetooth on your tablet: Go to Settings > Wireless > Bluetooth and activate the feature. Finally, choose Pair a Bluetooth Device and select your keyboard when it appears.

  • How do I connect a keyboard to an Amazon Fire tablet?

    A wired keyboard must have a USB-C cable (or an adapter) to connect to a Fire tablet. You usually use that port to charge the Fire, but you can also plug accessories into it. Just make sure that any keyboard you get is compatible with the Amazon Fire.

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