How to Change the Email Signature in Outlook for iOS

Changing the Outlook email signature on your phone or tablet is a great idea if you're not happy with the default "Get Outlook for iOS" message at the end of your emails, and we don't blame you.

Making your own signature lets you change that text to whatever you want. Make it something unique for a quick laugh, or add your alternate contact details if you're using your email for work. Maybe you want to update the email signature because you want it to sound more like you instead of the default, templated signature that everyone gets.

No matter your reasoning, it's it's super easy to change your email signature in the Outlook app, and you can even make a different signature for each of your email accounts.

The Outlook app supports non-Microsoft email accounts, too, like Gmail and Yahoo accounts, meaning that the steps below also apply to those email accounts. In other words, you can use these same instructions to change your Gmail signature, Yahoo signature, etc., so long as the account is listed inside the Outlook app.

Change the Email Signature in the Outlook iOS App

  1. With the app open, tap the three-lined menu at the top left corner.

  2. Use the gear/settings icon at the bottom left corner of that menu to open Outlook's settings.

  3. Scroll down a bit until you reach the "Mail" section.

  4. Tap to open Signature.

  5. In that box, erase the signature and type your own. To set up a different email signature for a different account, be sure to enable the Per Account Signature option.

  6. When you're done, use the back arrow at the top left to return to the settings.

  7. Glance at the "Signature" section to make sure it got updated (you won't see the signature on this screen if you've enabled per-account signatures). You can use the exit button at the top to return to your mail.

Edit the Signature Temporarily

Another way to change your email signature in the Outlook app is to just delete it on an as-needed basis before you send the message.

For example, if you've made a custom signature, deleted the signature, or even kept the original default signature, but then decide that you want to change it for the email you're about to send, feel free to do that.

You can edit the signature on a per-email basis by scrolling down in the message until you reach the very bottom where the signature is. You can remove it, edit it, add more text to it, or delete it altogether before sending it off.

Remember, however, that this type of signature editing is only relevant for the message you're viewing. If you start a new message, the signature stored in the settings will always take precedence.