How to Change the Email Signature in Outlook for iOS

Wax seal and flourished signature

You can change the signature automatically appended to emails in Outlook for iOS.

Outlook for iOS's Default Signature

"Sent from Outlook"—it is not easy to argue with the truth of the line Outlook for iOS automatically adds, by default, to the end of emails you write with it. Easily, though, you may dispute its originality, or efficacy in, say, promoting your ideas and business.

Your email signature should be truly yours: composed by you about yourself in your very words.

This, or at least the signature your employer wants you to employ.

Owning Your Outlook for iOS Email Signature

In either case, you need to edit the default signature set up by Outlook for iOS for your email accounts when you first installed it. Fortunately, this is not only possible and easy, you can also have Outlook for iOS use a different signature text for different accounts.

Change the Email Signature in Outlook for iOS

To edit the signature Outlook for iOS puts at the end of emails automatically:

  1. Tap Settings in Outlook for iOS.
  2. Now tap Signature under DEFAULTS.
  3. To have one signature across all email accounts set up in Outlook for iOS:
    • Make sure All Accounts is selected under Signature.
  4. To set up different signatures for specific email accounts:
    • Make sure Per Account is selected under Signature.
  5. Now, for each account—or the sole account listed if you use but a single signature:
    1. Tap the text entry field beneath the desired account's email address or the top email account's address (with a single signature across all accounts enabled).
    2. Type the desired email signature.
    3. Tap Done.

    (Updated June 2015, tested with Outlook for iOS 1.2)

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