How to Change Your Earbud Tips

Replace the ear tips on your earbuds for a better fit

What to Know

  • Hold one of your earbuds and firmly twist and pull off its current tip.
  • Insert the earbud’s stick into the new tip and push it gently until it can’t go any further.
  • Repeat to change the ear tip on the other earbud.

This guide will walk you through the steps for how to swap ear tips on earbuds. These instructions apply to most earbud models with removable tips or covers.

How Do You Change Ear Tips on Earbuds?

You can do this if you need to replace a damaged earbud or want to change tip sizes when your earbuds keep falling out. Here’s how to change earbud tips.

  1. Locate your earbud tip replacements. Many earphones include free replacement tips in the package or box. If you don’t have any replacement tips, you can buy some from most electronic retailers.

    While most earphone tips are similar in design, it’s a good idea to stick with earbud tips that are from the same brand as your earphones. For example, if Sony makes your earphones, buy Sony earbud tips.

    Four replaceable earbud tips.
  2. Remove the earbud tips you want to use from their packaging.

    It can be a good idea to clean your earbud tips if they've been in a drawer with other items for a while.

    Four new earbud tips.
  3. Pick up one of your earbuds.

    A pink Sony earbud being held in a hand.
  4. Holding the earbud firmly in one hand, firmly rotate the removable tip.

    An ear tip being removed from a pink earbud.
  5. While rotating the tip, begin to pull it off of the earbud.

    The earbud tip removal may require a strong pull, but you shouldn’t have to worry about damaging the tip as they’re usually made from a flexible material such as silicone. The process is like pulling a washing glove off of a hand.

    An ear tip being twisted off of an earbud by two hands.
  6. Pick up the replacement tip and insert the earbud’s stick into its center.

    If you find this part difficult, try placing one edge of the earbud’s stick into the tip’s hole and then wiggling and rotating it until it fits.

    An earbud and an ear tip being help in two hands.
  7. With the new tip now sitting securely on the earbud, firmly push the tip so that it connects right to the bottom of the stick and can’t go any further.

    A new ear tip being placed on an earbud by two hands.
  8. That’s it! You can now repeat the process for the second earbud.

    An earbud with a new tip on it.

How Should Earbud Tips Fit?

There’s no one rule for how earbuds should fit, as your preferred wear will depend significantly on how you use earphones and your tastes.

Here are some points to consider when selecting your earbuds and replacing their tips:

  • Overall earbud comfort. Your earbuds shouldn’t cause you any discomfort or pain. Smaller tips can cause pain in some people, while larger sizes can pressure the inner ear.
  • Earbud stability and reliability. Many people want their earbuds to stay firmly within their ear, while others prefer them to be easily removable if they frequently get their cables caught on other objects.
  • Noise-softening tips. Some larger tips from some brands promise noise reduction when they’re fit firmly in the listener’s ears. If you prefer to hear more of your surroundings while wearing your earbuds, you may want to try a smaller size.
  • Earbuds can be stylish. A wide variety of earbud tips are available in many different sizes and colors.

Why Do My Earbuds Always Fall Out?

Earbuds usually fall out due to the tip or the earbud itself being an odd fit for the ear. Changing the earbud tip for a larger-sized one can often prevent the earbud from falling out. If this doesn’t work, an alternative solution is to try an earbud model which features a physical loop that wraps around the ear or additional parts that hold it in place.

Sony’s WI-SP510 Wireless In Ear Headphones for Sports


Many earbuds made for runners and other athletes are designed to stay in the ear longer and when doing vigorous activity. If your earbuds always fall out, a pair of sports earbuds may be an ideal solution. Switching to earphones rather than earbuds or headphones is also a solid option.

  • How do I change Apple earbud tips?

    If you need to change the default tips on your Apple AirPods for a better fit, pull off the current tip gently and firmly (it may take more of a pull than you'd expect). Press on the new tips until they snap into place.

  • How do I clean my earbud tips?

    Remove your earbud tips. Take a cotton swab and drench it in a solution of isopropyl alcohol slightly diluted with distilled water. Rub the swab over and around the earbud tip until it's clean and sanitized.

  • Where can I buy earbud tips?

    If you need replacement earbud tips, you can purchase them from, Best Buy, Walmart, Target, and other retailers. If you want to replace tips for Apple AirPods, your best bet is to go directly to Apple, which offers sets of replacement tips for AirPods and AirPods Pro.

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