Modify File Download Settings on Your Google Chromebook

How to change download setting on your Google Chromebook

This article is only intended for users running the Google Chrome operating system.

By default, all files downloaded on your Chromebook are stored in the Downloads folder. While a convenient and aptly named location for such a task, many users prefer to save these files elsewhere—such as on their Google Drive or an external device. In this tutorial, we walk you through the process of setting a new default download location. We also show you how to instruct Chrome to prompt you for a location each and every time you initiate a file download, should you so desire.

  1. Open Chrome.

    Chromebook desktop.
  2. Select the 3 vertical dots located on the top right side of the browser.

    Chrome browser in Chromebook.
  3. Select Settings.

    Settings menu in Google Chrome on a Chromebook.
  4. On the left panel, expand Advanced.

    Expanding the advanced setting in Chrome on a Chromebook.
  5. Select Downloads.

    Downloads settings for Google Chrome on a Chromebook.
  6. Next to Location, select Change.

    Download location settings in Google Chrome on a Chromebook.
  7. Select a folder to where you want to save and select Open.

    Choosing a folder to save downloads to in Google Chrome on a Chromebook.

In addition to changing the default download location, Chrome OS also allows you to toggle the following setting on or off.

  • Ask where to save each file before downloading: When enabled, Chrome will prompt you to select a new download location each time a file is downloaded through the browser.