Change the Display Language in Windows 7

Microsoft's operating system supports over 30 languages

If you live in an English-speaking country and purchased a PC at your local retailer or online, chances are you're running an English version of Windows 7. If your native language is something other than English, though, you might want to use one of the more than 30 languages supported by Microsoft's operating system as your display language. Here's how to change it.

This guide applies to Windows 7.

  1. To use languages other than the Windows default, you first need to download them from Microsoft and install them. Select Start (Windows logo) to open the Start Menu.

  2. Enter ​change display language in the Windows search box.

  3. A list of search results will appear. Select Change display language on the list.

  4. Select the Keyboards and Languages tab once the Region and Language window opens.

  5. Select the Install/Uninstall Languages... button.

    Screenshot of how to change Windows 7 language
    Gilberto Perera
  6. Select Install display languages to download the language packs. You will be prompted to select the location of the language packs. You can either Browse to find the files on your hard drive, or you can Launch Windows Update to download them from Microsoft.

  7. If you're downloading the language packs from Windows Update, select the X optional updates are available hyperlink (where X is the number of files you can download).

    Screenshot of Windows Update for Windows 7
    Gilberto Perera
  8. You'll see a list of languages under the Optional tab. Check the ones you want to download, then select OK.

    Screenshot of languages of Windows Update
    Gilberto Perera
  9. Return to the Windows Update page and select Install Updates to begin downloading the language packs you chose from the list.

    Screenshot of Install Updates in Windows 7
    Gilberto Perera
  10. Once your language packs are downloaded and installed, you can make one your display language by returning to the Region and Language dialog box and selecting it from the drop-down menu under Choose a display language. Select OK to save the change.

    Screenshot of select display language Windows 7
    Gilberto Perera

Once you set your display language, you might need to restart your computer before the changes take effect.