How to Change the Default Search Engine in Chrome for iOS

chrome ios search engine
Getty Images (Rick Friedman / Contributor #590624638)

This article is only intended for users running the Google Chrome web browser on iPad, iPhone or iPod touch devices.

Today's browsers contain a bevy of features, ranging from a mechanism that preloads web pages to integrated popup blockers. One of the most common, and probably most utilized, configurable settings is the default search engine. Many times we launch a browser without a specific destination in mind, intending to perform a keyword search. In the case of the Omnibox, Chrome's combination address and search bar, these keywords are automatically submitted to the browser's integrated search engine.

Naturally, this option is set to Google by default. However, Chrome does provide the ability to use one of several competitors including AOL, Ask, Bing, and Yahoo. This setting can be easily modified with just a few taps of the finger, and this tutorial walks you through the process. First, open your Chrome browser.

Tap the Chrome menu button (three vertically-aligned dots), located in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window. When the drop-down menu appears, select the Settings option. Chrome's Settings interface should now be displayed. Locate the Basics section and select Search Engine.

The browser's Search Engine settings should now be visible. The active/default search engine is depicted by a check mark next to its name. To modify this setting, simply select the desired option. Once you are satisfied with your choice, tap on the DONE button to return to your browsing session.