Change the Default Font in PowerPoint Text Boxes

Powerpoint change font
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The default font in any new PowerPoint presentation is Arial, 18 pt, black, for text boxes other than the ones that are part of the default design template such as the Title text box and Bulleted list text boxes.

If you are making a new PowerPoint presentation and do not want to have to change the font each time you add a new text box the solution is simple.

  1. Click on any blank area of the slide or outside the slide. You want to make sure that no object on the slide is selected.

  2. Choose ​Home > Font... and make your selections for font style, color, size, and type.

  3. Click OK when you have made all your changes.

Once you change the default font, all future text boxes will take on these properties, but text boxes that you had already created earlier, will not be affected. Therefore, it is a good idea to make this change right at the start of your presentation, before you create your first slide.

Test out your changes by creating a new text box. The new text box should reflect the new font choice.

Change Fonts for Other Text Boxes in Powerpoint

To make changes to the fonts used for titles or other text boxes that are part of each template, you need to make those changes in the Master Slides.

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