How to Change Columns in Mail for Windows

What to Know

  • Open app, hover mouse between Email pane and Preview pane until a double-arrow appears, click and drag left\right to resize columns.
  • You cannot eliminate the Preview pane due to limits of the application.

This article explains how to change columns in Mail for Windows. Instructions apply to Windows 10, 8.1, and 8.

Change the Columns Shown in Mail for Windows

To set the columns shown in the Mail  for Windows mailbox view, open Mail for Windows and:

  1. Open Mail for Windows.

  2. Hover mouse between the Email pane and Preview pane until you see a double-arrow (resize).

  3. Click and drag to the right (to increase) or to the left (to decrease) for column resizing.

You can only resize the columns to a certain point. There will always be 3 panes including the Folders pane, Email pane, and the Preview pane.

Mail for Windows uses two different column profiles. One is used for Sent Items, Drafts, and Outbox, and the other is for Inbox, Deleted Items, and all folders you create—even if they are subfolders of Sent Items. Changing the column layout of one folder automatically changes the layout of all other folders in the same profile.

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