How to Change Your Mouse Color

Switch your cursor to a favorite color

What to Know:

  • Select a mouse color from Settings > Devices > Mouse > Adjust mouse & cursor size > Change pointer color.
  • Select appearance of cursors from Settings > Devices > Mouse > Additional mouse options > Mouse Properties.
  • Choose mouse accessibility options from Control Panel > Ease of Access > Change how your mouse works.

This article will show you how to change the color of your mouse cursor in Windows 10 and make it easier to see. 

How Do I Change My Mouse Cursor Easily?

Changing the color of your mouse cursor on a Windows PC isn’t only about vision impairments. It could be a cosmetic change to match the color of the desktop theme. For example, you might want a deep brown or red cursor to make it more visible against a dark theme. With high-resolution displays in use today, it can be difficult to spot a cursor in its default size. Windows offers customization options to change the cursor on Windows 10 and then customize it with a different color. 

How Do You Change the Color of Your Text Cursor?

There are a few routes to the mouse options in Windows. The text cursor is part of the other pointers under mouse settings. The vertical line is called the “caret” or “beam” and may or may not blink. 

To change the color of the cursors, use Mouse Settings. When you want to change the appearance of an individual cursor, use the Mouse Properties dialog box under Additional mouse options.

Use Mouse Settings to Change Your Mouse Color

Mouse Settings allow you to change both cursor size and color from a single screen. The steps below focus on changing the mouse color only. 

  1. Open Settings > Devices.

  2. Select Mouse from the column on the left. 

    Windows 10 mouse settings
  3. Select Adjust mouse & cursor size under Related settings on the right. Select one of the tiles under Change pointer color.

    • The first tile is the default white mouse pointer with a black border.
    • The second tile is a black pointer with a white border.
    • The third tile is an inverted pointer, which changes to white on a black background and vice versa. 
    • The fourth custom color tile allows you to customize the pointer and cursor with any color.
    Windows 10 mouse pointer settings
  4. Select the Custom color tile to open a series of colored Suggested pointer colors

    Suggested pointer colors in Windows 10
  5. Choose one of the suggested colors or select the “+” icon for Pick a custom pointer color and choose your own color from the palette. Select Done.

    Pick a custom pointer color Windows 10

Use Additional Mouse Options to Change the Look of Cursors

The Related settings on the Mouse screen include additional mouse options for your chosen cursor color. While you can’t customize the mouse color from here, you can choose different schemes and change the appearance of individual cursors. For instance, you can change the appearance of the text cursor while keeping other cursors the same.

  1. Go to Settings > Devices > Mouse > Additional mouse options to open the Mouse Properties dialog.

    Mouse properties in Windows 10
  2. Select the Pointers tab on Mouse Properties.

    Pointers tab in Mouse Properties
  3. Select a mouse pointer scheme from the drop-down list under Scheme.

    Pointers scheme in Windows 10
  4. The Customize box previews the selected scheme. 

  5. To change a single cursor, select the Browse button and navigate to the cursor file on your desktop. Open the file to preview the cursor in the dialog. 

    Pointer schemes list on Windows 10
  6. Select Apply and OK to apply the scheme. 

Select the Use Default button to revert your mouse pointer size and color back to their default settings if you don’t prefer the switchover. 


Installed third-party cursor files will appear under the Scheme list. Use the Customize window to see all the pointers a mouse cursor scheme uses.

How Do I Change My Cursor Color to Black?

The above steps can help change the cursor color to black. There is another method tucked inside the Control Panel which offers a few straightforward options. The method to open the Control Panel differs a bit between Windows versions. 

  1. Type Control Panel in the Start Menu Search. 

  2. Select Control Panel from the Best match result and open it.

    Windows 10 Control Panel from the Start menu search bar
  3. Select Ease of access > Change how your mouse works.

    Change how your mouse works highlighted from Windows 10 Ease of Access Center
  4. Under Make the mouse easier to use, choose from Regular Black, Large Black, or Extra Large Black. 

    Mouse color and size options from Make the mouse easier to use in Windows 10
  5. Select Apply and OK to change your cursor color to black. 

  • How do I change the color of my Razer mouse?

    If your mouse is compatible with Razer Synapse 3, download and launch the software to change the lighting effect on your mouse. Link your device from Connect > Devices and choose the desired effect from Quick Effects or Advanced Effects. To customize the lighting color or pattern of a particular lighting setting, go to Studio > Effect Layer > Effects > Color.

  • How do I change the color of my Logitech mouse?

    First, double-check that you have a LIGHTSYNC RGB gaming mouse. If you do, download the Logitech G HUB software to change the LED (Light-Emitting Diode)backlighting effects on your mouse. Select the LIGHTSYNC tab > Color and use the slider, RGB fields, or the color swatch tool to pick a new shade.

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