How to Change Your Cameo on Snapchat

Tap the smiley icon in a chat conversation, or use Settings

What to Know

  • To create a new Cameo, go to Chat > Smiley icon > Cameos > Create My Cameo.
  • To change a Cameo, go to Settings > Cameos > Actions > Change My Cameos Selfie > Create My Cameo.
  • To remove a Cameo, go to Settings > Cameos > Actions > Clear My Cameos Selfie.

This article will show you how to change your cameo on Snapchat when you don't like it anymore. You can clear your old selfie and start from scratch or quickly swap one selfie with another.


The screenshots are from Snapchat on iOS. Specific steps may differ on the Snapchat app for Android, but the basic process will be the same.

How to Create a Cameo Selfie from Scratch

Snapchat will take you through the steps to add your face to the stickers and make your first Cameo selfie. Follow the same steps even if you have created a Cameo selfie before.


If you have created a Cameo selfie before, the Cameo icon changes to display a little selfie with a rainbow background and hearts.

  1. Open Snapchat and select the Chat icon.

  2. Select one friend from the chat list and open a chat with them. You don't need to share the cameo with them right now.

  3. Tap on the smiley icon on the right of the chat message field. Then select the Cameos icon (the outline of a face with a plus sign).

    Chat button, Smiley icon, and the Cameo icon highlighted in SnapChat
  4. Tap any of the Cameo tiles and follow the on-screen instructions to take your first Cameo selfie. The silhouette outline will turn blue when you perfectly position your face.

  5. Select Create My Cameo or pick a photo from the Camera Roll on your phone.

  6. Pick one of the two silhouette icons and select Continue.

    Camera Roll, Continue, and Creating a Cameo in Snapchat
  7. Snapchat takes a few seconds to create the Cameos. A screen overlay says that you can also create Cameos with friends and what other actions you can take on them. Select Okay or Skip this step to arrive back to your chat screen. On Android: Select Okay > Settings.

  8. Pick a Cameo and use it in a chat with any friend. If you want to change the Cameo, select the tiny New Selfie button above the toolbar and go through the steps again. On Android: Tap and hold one of the options to see New Selfie.

    Okay and New Selfie highlighted in Snap Chat


Some Cameos allow you to customize the text. You can also create two-person Cameos if your friend allows you to use their selfie.

How to Change a Cameo Selfie from Snapchat's Settings

Snapchat's Settings has a dedicated space to manage the Cameo selfies you create. You can create your first Cameo sticker here and then use the options to manage them.

  1. Tap Settings (the gear icon) in the Profile screen to open Snapchat's settings.

  2. Select Cameos on the list.

  3. Select Actions > Change My Cameos Selfie to open the Create My Cameo camera screen.

  4. Select Create My Cameo or choose a photo from the Camera Roll to replace the earlier Cameo with the new one.

  5. To change the body type, select Actions > Change Cameos Body Type.

  6. Alternatively, select Actions > Clear My Cameos Selfie to delete the existing Cameos and make new ones.

    Settings Gear, Cameo, and Actions menu in Snapchat
  7. The new selfie will replace your old one automatically. Snapchat allows you to use only one selfie for Cameos at a time.

What Is a Cameo on Snapchat?

Cameos are stickers and animated videos that feature your selfie or a friend's. They are a visual way to add more personality to your chats on Snapchat.

  • How does Snapchat choose who is in my Cameo Stories?

    Snapchat has an algorithm that determines who shows up in your Cameo Stories. People who you've snapped with most recently are usually at the top. If you don't want strangers showing up in your Cameo Stories, change who can access your Cameos.

  • How do I control who can use my Cameo selfies?

    Go to your profile and tap the Settings gear. Under the Who Can section, select View My Story > Use My Cameos Selfie.

  • How do I make a two-person Cameo on Snapchat?

    First, both users must allow the other to use their Cameo selfies. Then, open a conversation with your friend and tap the Smiley icon > Cameos and look for a layout that allows for two people.

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