How to Change the Bluetooth Name on Android

Customize the name to always know what you're connecting to

What to Know

  • Most Android phones: Settings > Connected Devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth > Device name.
  • Change the Bluetooth name to make your device more recognizable.
  • The Bluetooth name can usually be different from the overall device name.

This article explains how to change the Bluetooth name on Android to adjust how other devices identify your phone. These directions should work on modern Android versions from most phone manufacturers.

How Do I Change My Bluetooth Name?

Editing the Bluetooth name solves the problem of now knowing which device you're connecting to over Bluetooth. If you have multiple phones or tablets with the same name, or you're never sure if you're selecting the correct device, renaming the Bluetooth connection can help.

Using a Samsung Galaxy device? These phones don't have a Bluetooth-specific name option but instead, rely on the device name. See the bottom of this page to learn how to change that name.

  1. Open the Settings app, or swipe down from the top of the screen twice to find the settings/gear icon.

  2. Go to Connected Devices > Connection preferences > Bluetooth.

    Settings, connected devices, connection preferences, and Bluetooth highlighted on Android

    On some devices, go instead to Connected Devices > Bluetooth. Other devices list Bluetooth right away without being nested in another folder.

  3. Select Device name. If you don’t see it, enable Bluetooth first by selecting the button at the screen's top.

    Some Android phones have you choose Pair new device before showing the Device name option.

    Depending on your device, there might be a three-dot menu at the top right. Select it to find Rename this device.

  4. Change the Bluetooth name and then tap Rename, the checkmark, OK, or whatever "save" button your device uses.

    Bluetooth device name settings on Android
  5. You can now exit the settings completely. The new name will take effect immediately.

Change Bluetooth Name on Samsung Galaxy

Most phones let you use one name for Bluetooth and another for the device itself. When you plug your phone into a computer, for example, it's the device name that's visible. But using Bluetooth to pair your Android and computer (or car, etc.) will display your phone's Bluetooth name.

Some devices, like Samsung Galaxy phones, don't include the option to change the Bluetooth name. Since they use the Bluetooth device name, you can change that name to rename the Bluetooth connection.

Changing the device name doesn't require as many steps, but it does differ between devices. Whether you have a Samsung Galaxy phone or one from another manufacturer, these are the various menu buttons that lead to the device name settings: Settings > About phone (or About Tablet or About Device) > Device name (or Edit).

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