How to Change the Font on Android

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This article explains how to change the font on Android devices. The method you use depends on the brand of phone or tablet you have—Samsung, LG, Google, Huawei, Xiaomi, or another brand.

Change Font Style on Samsung

Samsung has the most robust font options. Samsung has a built-in app called FlipFont that comes preloaded with several font options. To change the font on most Samsung models, go to Settings > Display > Font size and style > Font Style and select the font you want to use.

Display, Font size and style, and Font style settings highlighted

On older models, such as the Galaxy S8, the font options are slightly different. On those models, the most common way to change the font is to select Settings > Display > Screen zoom and fonts > Font Style, choose the font you like, and then tap Apply.

Add More Font Options to Your Samsung

Additional font styles are available for download from Google Play. If you download an app for new fonts, follow the instructions provided by the developer to install and use a font on your device.

Samsung Galaxy devices can also download fonts from the Samsung Galaxy Apps Store.

Change Font Style on LG

Many LG phones and tablets come with the ability to change the font. Here's how to do it on most LG models:

  1. Go to Settings.

  2. Select Display.

  3. Scroll down and tap Font Type.

  4. Select the font you want to use to activate it.

    Display, Font type, options on LG

Add More Fonts to Your LG

Additional fonts are available for download through the LG SmartWorld app. To download the app from the LG website, change the security settings to allow downloading apps from unknown sources, which means from anyplace other than Google Play. To do that:

  1. Go to Settings and select Security.

  2. Select the Unknown sources check box. A warning window appears to let you know this option may leave your device vulnerable.

  3. Select OK and close Settings.

After you download the app and any fonts you like, change the security setting back by following the same path and clearing the Unknown sources check box.

Change Font Style on Other Android Phones

For most other brands of Android phones that are not Samsung or LG, the simplest and the safest way to change font styles is to use a launcher app.

The main difference when using a launcher app compared to a preloaded font feature is that although the labels and main menus will have the new font you select, it typically won't work in a different app, such as a text messaging app. Also, not all launcher apps give you the option to change only the font style. Some require downloading theme packs to work with the launcher to access fonts, and you may have to apply the entire theme to make the change.

Apex Launcher is one app that allows font changes without having to apply an entire theme. Some apps work differently depending on the brand of phone or tablet you have, and app developers make updates from time to time that may change or limit features.

Android Launcher App Becomes the Default Home Screen

Launcher apps need to take over as your default home screen to display your font changes consistently. When you first open a launcher app, your phone or tablet prompts you to select whether to use it for your home screen Just Once or Always. Select Always for the launcher to work correctly.

You can also change this by going to Settings > Device > Home and selecting the launcher app you use.

Change Font Style With Apex Launcher

Apex Launcher is available in Google Play. After you download and install the Apex Launcher app, it automatically adds two icons to your home screen: Apex Menu and Apex Settings.

Apex Launcher won't change the font within other apps, but it gives your home screen and app menu a fresh look.

To change your font:

  1. Select Apex Settings.

  2. Choose Advanced Settings.

  3. Select Icon Settings and then choose Icon Font.

  4. The Icon Font screen shows a list of available fonts. Choose a new font from the list and see how it looks. When you select a font you like, it automatically updates the icon labels on your phone.

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