How to Change AirPod Pro Tips for the Perfect Fit

The Ear Tip Fit Test can help you determine the best size for your ears

What to Know

  • Hold the AirPod Pro in one hand, pinch the tip between the thumb and forefinger of the other hand, then gently pull. 
  • If you have trouble removing an AirPod Pro tip, pull gently to invert it first. 
  • Select the right tip with your iPhone: Navigate to Settings > Bluetooth > Your AirPods Pro > Ear Tip Fit Test

This article explains how to change the ear tips on AirPods Pro, including how to choose the best ones so that they feel better and don’t fall out.

How Do You Change AirPod Pro Tips?

The AirPods Pro earbuds feature active noise cancellation, so they use silicone tips to create a seal when you insert them into your ears. The soft silicone tips also help keep the AirPods Pro from falling out.

Apple includes three different sizes of ear tips when you buy AirPods Pro, and you can also purchase replacement tips in a variety of sizes and made from other materials like foam.

Here’s how to change your AirPods Pro tips if they’re damaged or the wrong size:

  1. Hold one of the AirPods Pro in one hand, and grip the tip with your other hand

    Holding an AirPod Pro in two hands.
  2. Pull gently to invert the tip.

    Inverting an AirPod Pro tip.
  3. Grip the base of the AirPod Pro tip, and pull until it clicks off.

    Removing an Apple AirPods Pro tip.
  4. Choose a new tip to install.

    An assortment of replacement AirPods Pro tips.

    AirPods Pro come with small, medium, and large tips. If your AirPods feel loose, use a bigger size. If they feel tight, choose a smaller size.

  5. Examine the mounting surface of the AirPod and clean if necessary.

    An AirPod Pro with the tip removed.
  6. Line up the replacement tip with the mounting surface.

    Lining up a replacement AirPod Pro tip.

    Inverting the tip may make it easier to line up.

  7. Push the replacement tip into the mounting surface until it clicks into place.

    Installing a replacement AirPods Pro tip.

    The tip should click into place easily, so don’t force it. If it doesn’t install easily, make sure it’s aligned properly.

  8. Push the edges of the tip if you inverted it during installation.

    An AirPod Pro with a new tip installed.
  9. Repeat this process with the other AirPod Pro.

How to Choose the Right AirPod Pro Tip Size

The easiest way to choose the right tips for your AirPods Pro is to use the ones that feel the best. If the tips fit well, they should be comfortable, and the AirPods Pro shouldn’t fall out easily. If that isn’t good enough, Apple also provides an option to let your iPhone help you choose the right tips.

Here’s how to use your iPhone to choose AirPods Pro tip size:

  1. Place your AirPods Pro into your ears using the most comfortable tips.

  2. Open Settings on your iPhone.

  3. Tap Bluetooth.

  4. Tap the i next to your AirPods Pro in the list of Bluetooth devices.

  5. Tap Ear Fit Tip Test.

    Ear Tip Fit Test highlighted in AirPods Pro settings.
  6. Tap Continue.

  7. Tap Play.

  8. Wait for the test to complete.

  9. You'll see a Good Seal message if the tips are the correct size. If they aren't the right size, you'll see an Adjust or Try a Different Ear Tip message. In that case, try different tips and rerun the test.

    AirPods Pro fit tip test results.

How Do I Stop My AirPods Pro From Falling Out?

The easiest way to stop AirPods Pro from falling out is to use the correct tip size. Apple includes three tip sizes, and you can also buy a variety of replacement tips from other sources. If your AirPods Pro earbuds fall out with ease, the first thing you should do is replace them with a larger size. If they still feel loose, check these other potential issues:

  • Make sure the right and left AirPods are inserted in the correct ears.
  • The stem of each AirPod should be pointing down, not up.
  • Try twisting each AirPod as you insert it.
  • Install silicone ear hooks.

How to Keep AirPods Pro From Falling Out With Silicone Ear Hooks

AirPods Pro stay in most of the time if you select the correct ear tips, but they can still fall out. If you’re still experiencing issues after trying each fix in the previous section, then silicone ear hooks may help. These accessories slip over your AirPods Pro and include a soft silicone hook that can help the AirPods stay in place.

You can typically still charge AirPods Pro after installing ear hooks, but you won't be able to close the charging case. If you have trouble charging your AirPods, remove the ear hooks before charging, and reinstall them before use.

Here’s how to install AirPods Pro silicone ear hooks:

  1. Remove the tips from your AirPods Pro as described above.

  2. Line up the holes in the ear hook with the black mesh grills on the AirPod.

    Placing an ear hook on an AirPod Pro.
  3. Slide the ear hook onto your AirPod Pro.

    An ear hook slid onto an AirPod Pro.
  4. Reinstall the tip.

    An AirPod Pro with an earhook installed.
  5. Repeat this process with the other AirPod Pro, and check to make sure they fit in your ears.

    When using silicone ear hooks, it can be helpful to twist the left AirPod counterclockwise and the right AirPod clockwise as you place them into your ears. Ensure the soft silicone hook tucks snugly into your ear for the best results. If it feels uncomfortable, you may have installed them wrong.

  • How do I clean AirPod Pro tips?

    Apple recommends using a slightly damp or dry lint-free cloth and cotton swabs to clean your AirPods and remove debris. To clean the ear tips, remove your AirPods Pro tips and soak or rinse them in water only. Dry the tips with a dry microfiber cloth before placing them back on your AirPods.

  • How do I change AirPod Pro settings?

    To change AirPod settings on your iPhone, tap Settings > Bluetooth > and the i icon beside your AirPods. From the AirPods settings, you can rename your AirPods or customize the noise control mode from the Press and Hold AirPods section. You can also turn off automatic ear detection and change the microphone settings from this menu.

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