Champ's Portable Phone Charger

Review of the Champ Bodyguard Stick Portable USB Charger

The Champ Bodyguard Battery doubles as a portable smartphone charger, flashlight and personal alarm. Champ

Given how reliant folks are these days on smartphones, having the option to charge the devices on the go should be an appealing proposition for most folks. With the market for portable charging devices being saturated at this point, however, it can be hard for portable batteries to stand out.

For its part, the Champ Bodyguard Battery tries to distinguish itself by providing several features. Are these features enough to set it apart from the pack? The answer ultimately depends on where your priorities lie.

First, let’s look at its capabilities as a portable battery. The device provides a charge via a USB connector, allowing you to use it with any device from smartphones and MP3 players to even tablets, though don’t expect to fully charge the latter. With a capacity of 2,200 mAH, the Champ Bodyguard Battery basically has enough juice to charge any iPhone outside of the iPhone 6 Plus.

It doesn’t quite fully charge a Samsung Galaxy S5, though, and falls below the capacity of rivals such as the RAVPower Luster, which boasts 3,000 mAH worth of juice. It does charge reasonably quick for a device of its type and also features short circuit protection.

You can also recharge the Champ via a microUSB cable, which also happens to the same one used by many smartphones (with the exception of Apple’s proprietary connectors). This makes it convenient for folks who want to travel light and don’t want to carry a bunch of cables with them.

Speaking of traveling, the Champ Bodyguard is also quite portable thanks to its small profile. It’s about the size of a stick of Mentos so you can easily carry it in your purse or your pockets. I do wish it had a carrying chain so you can clip it on your bag strap or the belt loops of your jeans. It also doesn’t look as clean and sophisticated as the aforementioned RAVPower Luster. Instead, it trades its competitor’s sleek style for a more no-nonsense, functional look that makes it look like a first aid or emergency device.

For added functionality, the Champ Bodyguard Battery also doubles as a mini-flashlight. This is great during times when you need extra lighting, like when searching behind your television or walking outside at night. The light is weak, though, compared to the Luster. In addition to sporting a dimmer, yellowish light, it also doesn’t have as many light settings as the aforementioned competitor.

Although the Champ Bodyguard Battery takes a back seat to the Luster in many respects, it does have the advantage when it comes to one feature. The Bodyguard actually comes with a panic alarm, something that the ​cluster does not have. To trigger it, just flick the alarm switch and it’ll initiate a 110-decibel siren that’ll make any dogs nearby go crazy.

Of course, the real reason behind the alarm is personal safety. By having the siren go off, the idea is that it will hopefully deter any suspicious folks from getting any bad ideas, hopefully encouraging them to leave you alone. This makes it an ideal device for kids, college students and pretty much anyone who walks out and about.

Overall, the Champ Bodyguard Battery doesn’t have the best specs out there for chargers its size in terms of capacity or the strongest light among portable competitors that come with a flashlight. At the same time, its personal siren differentiates it from other portable batteries and adds a useful feature to the device. If you’re looking for a portable charger that also doubles as a personal safety device, the Champ Bodyguard Battery just might be what you’re looking for.

Rating: 3 out of 5

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