How to Challenge a Friend in the Game Center

Apple killed the Game Center app and its gaming social network in 2016

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Apple removed the Game Center app beginning with iOS 10 when Game Center underwent substantial changes. The social networking aspects of the Game Center were reduced in size, and emphasis was placed on third-party app integration. Friend can no longer be added or removed. Game Center moved to the Settings app, where it can be enabled and disabled.

Game Center now operates as a tool that developers can opt to incorporate in their games. If a game developer uses Game Center, then you may be able to challenge within that game—or you may not. The ability to issue a challenge to someone in Game Center still exists, but it is severely limited.

If you and someone you added as a friend before iOS 10 play a game that supports multiplayer challenges, you can still challenge your friend. Look for an Achievements button somewhere within the game and tap it. Look for a leaderboard, tap your high score on your friend's list, and select Challenge.

Game Center Before iOS 10

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It's one thing to be good at a game. It's another thing to prove it to your friends. One of the cool features of the Game Center is the ability to challenge your friends to see who can get the highest score. Any game with a high-score leaderboard may work. So how do you get on your iPad and challenge a friend to see who can get the highest score in Temple Run 2? It's quite easy.

Issue a Challenge From Within the Game

If you can easily access the leaderboards from within the game, you can issue a challenge right there. Leaderboards are divided between the scores from all of your friends playing the game and the scores from everyone in the world playing the game. Your friends should be listed first. Simply tap the name of the friend you want to challenge and the screen will change, allowing you to either share the game with them or send the challenge.  

Before you make your challenge, make sure you have a respectable score on the leaderboard. You don't want a weak score that can be easily beat.

Challenge a Friend From the Game Center

Sometimes, it's not easy to access leaderboards from within the game, or you just thought of challenging someone to beat your high score, but you aren't in the game at that time. You can also issue a challenge from the Game Center app.

This process is similar to doing the same from within the game. In Game Center, tap your Games tab at the bottom of the screen. Locate the game you want to issue the challenge from and tap the icon. This will bring up the leaderboard with your friends listed on the left and all the players listed on the right. Tap your friend's name and the same screen allowing you to share the game or send a challenge will appear. 

In both cases, you'll see where you rank on your friend's list. Try to issue challenges to people farther down the list.