Cesar Aroldo-Cadenas

Cesar Cadenas Writer


Long Beach, California


California State University - Long Beach



Audio and Video

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Social Media


Consumer Technology

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Android Devices


  • Worked as Technical Writer for Extron writing guides on audio and video equipment
  • Currently writes about social media, video games, cryptocurrency, security, and other leading technology trends such as streaming and the internet
  • Worked on publications about smart life tech, and frequently incorporates it in personal life
  • Been an avid gamer for the vast majority of his life and is well aware of the industry and space


Cesar has been writing for and about technology going on 6 years when he first started writing tech articles for his university paper, The Grunion. Since then, his passion for technology blossomed into a prosperous writing career. He first started writing about tech in the entertainment world and would later move on to write about smart life tech and social media on Screen Rant. He was recently a Technical Writer for tech company Extron where he wrote user guides for audio and video equipment.

He has since moved on to being a freelance writer looking to have a career in copywriting and hopes to share his love and knowledge of technology with the world. Recently, Cesar has written for the cryptocurrency news site, BTCPro, and gaming website Ultramunch. He also uses an advanced A.I. for his other work.

My Gear

Currently, I work on an Alienware Area-51m with an Intel Core i7-9700 CPU and an Nvidia RTX 2060. I use it for work and play video games in my spare time. I also have a Samsung Galaxy S8.


Bachelor's Degree in Rhetoric and Composition and a Technical Writing Certificate from CSULB.

A Message from Cesar Aroldo-Cadenas

Modern life relies heavily on technology to make things work. I'm very passionate about technology and writing about it because it plays such a big role in the lives of everyday people. The sheer scope and influence is unfathomable to me and that makes it very interesting.

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