5 Celebrities that Tweet Back to Their Fans

Talk to your favorite celebrities on Twitter

Twitter is a great platform to spend time interacting with friends, colleagues, and peers. In fact, Twitter isn't just for socializing with people you know, it's for meeting new people as well. People who may not be accessible in your in-real-life social circles are now available for you to communicate with.

There are many celebrities on Twitter who don't post often, or even if they do, they don't communicate with their fans. For as many celebrities who don't like to socialize, there are just as many celebrities that Tweet back at their followers.

Here's a short list of some major celebrities who take the time to Tweet with their fans.

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Daniel Tosh - @danieltosh

Daniel Tosh Twitter

Do you like Daniel Tosh's humor? If so, you'll love his Twitter feed. Similar to his comedy, much of Tosh's interaction with fans on Twitter involves insulting and poking fun at someone. In fact, during almost every episode of his television show Tosh.0, he'll share his followers Tweets or suggest new things for people to Tweet about.

Tosh often asks questions to his fans, and retweets their answers on air, so be sure you want your answer on television if you do choose to converse with him. 

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Taylor Swift - @taylorswift13

Taylor Swift

It's no secret that Taylor Swift loves her fans. She's even been quoted as saying that she spends much of her time on the internet checking out her followers' social media accounts.

While you're looking at Swift's Twitter profile, she may be looking at yours as well. Swift has always been very interactive with her fans, and this includes Twitter as well. She's even invited fans to her private home for a screening of her CD.

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Justin Timberlake - @jtimberlake

Justin Timberlake

With over 56 million Twitter followers, it's surprising that Justin Timberlake even has time to communicate with his fans, but he certainly finds the time. Timberlake often responds to his fans, whether by retweeting their Tweets or announcing that he'll take some time to respond to fans' questions.

If you ever see a Tweet like this, then ask him any question your heart desires. He will go through all the questions he received and responds to many of them right away. He may respond, and he may not, but either way, you know you didn't miss your chance!

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Demi Lovato - @ddlovato

Demi Lovato

Demi Lovato has a soft spot for her fans. In fact, she regularly responds to her fans on Twitter by replying directly to them or retweeting their Tweets. Her fan base is also very loyal.

After being insulted by comedian Kathy Griffin, Lovato's loyal Twitter fans blew up Griffin's page, sending so many threats that Griffin even needed to get the police involved. Lovato stepped in and requested that her fans back off, even after Griffin's insult. Lovato is a great person to Tweet if you're just getting the courage to talk to a celebrity.

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Ellen Page - @ellenpage

Ellen Page Twitter

Like your dog? There's a good chance Ellen Page will as well. Want her to rename your dog? Simply Tweet this young actress a photo of your pet, and she'll craft a new name for your furry friend.

Don't have a dog? Tweet your animal, regardless of species. Besides renaming animals, she often retweets or responds directly to her followers, so be sure to get in touch, especially if you have anything humorous to add to the conversation.

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