CEDIA Expo 2014 - Home Theater Product and Technology Highlights

The 2014 CEDIA EXPO was held at the Colorado Convention Center from September 10th through the 3th in Denver, Colorado, and featured a host of both domestic and international exhibitors showcasing the latest home theater product innovations for dealers, installers, press, and industry analysts.

Products, including 4K Ultra HD TVs and video projectors, video processors, home theater receivers, remote control systems, loudspeakers, mounts, furniture, and more were showcased, not to mention the big push to get Dolby Atmos ready for the marketplace.

The following are just some of the more notable highlights and product announcements coming from this year's show.

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Epson Announces 2014/15 Home and Pro Cinema Video Projector Line-up

Epson PowerLite Pro Cinema LS10000 (top) and Home Cinema 3500 (bottom) Video Projectors. Image Provided by Epson

The CEDIA EXPO is one of the places to see a lot of video projectors, and Epson is provides of the best video projector exhibits every year. This year, Epson not only showed off three high-performance affordable units, but also brought two higher-end projectors that were Laser Powered. Check out all the details in my report

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Yamaha Debuts New Digital Sound Projector Sub-$1,000 Digital Sound Projector

Yamaha YSP-2500 Digital Sound Projector System. Image provided by Yamaha Corporation of America

Yep, Sound Bars are everywhere... It used to be that sound bar-type products were sort frowned upon as a true home theater solution, but in the past couple of years, they have dominated audio component sales. One of the prime early movers is Yamaha, which was on hand at CEDIA with their latest sound bar offerings, including their new YSP-2500 Digital Sound Proejctor.

Find out what it has to offer.

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Darbee Showcases DVP-5100CIE Visual Presence Processor

Darbee DVP-5100CIE Visual Presence Processor - Front and Rear Views. Image provided by DarbeeVision

One of the exhibitors that was onhand at CEDIA 2014 is DarbeeVision, which showcased their twist on video processing, via its new DVP-5100CIE video processor.

While most standalone video processors, or ones incorporated into many Blu-ray Disc/DVD players, home theater receivers, and TVs emphasize video resolution upscaling, reduce background video noise, eliminate edge artifacts, or smooth motion response, the DarbeeVision has created its own twist, Darbee Visual Presence.

Find out more in my report.

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Sony Announces ES-Z Series Home Theater Receivers

Sony STR-ZA3000ES Home Theater Receiver. Image Provided by Sony Electronics

Sony announced that is adding three new receivers (STR-ZA1000ES, STR-ZA2000ES, and STR-ZA3000ES.to its high-end product line, the ES-Z Series).

Tailored for custom installers (although they can be used in any home theater setup), the ES-Z series feature comprehensive front panel controls, full compatibility with HDMI ver 2.0 and HDCP 2.2 requirements, HDMI matrix switching, 3rd party control certification (AMX/Crestron/), 12-volt triggers, IR repeaters, RS232C port, IP Control Integration, and In-ceiling speaker adjustment settings (more on that later). Also, all three receivers can accept firmware updates via USB.

For details on the differences between each of the three receivers, Read my full report.

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Pioneer Announces High-end, Hi-priced, Elite Blu-ray Disc Players for 2015

Pioneer BDP-88FD Blu-ray Disc Player with Provided Remote. Image provided by Pioneer Electronics via Business Wire

One of the more curiously interesting product reveals at the 2014 CEDIA Expo, was Pioneer announcing its latest Blu-ray Disc Players, the $1,000 Elite BDP-85FD and $2,000 BDP-88FD, which are expected to be available by December 2014. Find out more on both these players and why their announcement has me so curious in my report and commentary.